Ferrite Disc Magnet price

  • Ferrite Disc Magnet price Yangquan Yanhe Magnet Technology Co., Ltd (Yanhe Magtech 庐), formerly known as Yangquan Yanhe Industry Co., Ltd, was built in Shanxi in 2008 and is a professional manufacturer and distributor of magnets and magnet application products. We produce sintered NdFeB and Hard Ferrite by ourselves. In addition, we supply Bonded NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo, FeCrCo, Injection Ferrite, Flexible NdFeB, Rubber magnets and magnet application products including magnetic bar, magnetic pot, magnetic hook, loudspeaker, magnetic filter, magnetic water purifier, magnetic lifter, magnetic separator, magnetic coupling, permanent magnet motor and so on. Furthermore, we provide technical solutions, new design and customized service. Yanhe Magtech庐 is familiar with information of magnet industry in China. We have long-term strategic cooperative relations with the other six factories. Two are for sintered NdFeB, two are for Hard Ferrite, and two are for AlNiCo and SmCo. Therefore, Yanhe Magtech庐 can provide accurate information and the first-class high-quality products with the most competitive price for our customers. Yanhe Magtech庐 has passed the authentication of ISO 9001:2015, and has covered Product-liability insurance. We eliminate the customers鈥檞orries completely. With the reliable quality, our products are exported to Europe, the United States and Asia, etc. Yanhe Magtech 庐 aim: To provide more extensive information, products, technology design and service for customers. To make customers satisfied in the course of commercial activity. Yanhe Magtech 庐 philosophy: Customer-orientation, Fair price, Best quality. Yanhe Magtech 庐 culture: Integrity, Standardization, Innovation, Competition, the Pursuit of value.Ferrite Disc Magnet price website:http://www.yanhemagnet.com/