China portable rechargeable vacuum factory

  • China portable rechargeable vacuum factory Suzhou VACS Electrical Co., Ltd. is specialized and has strong capabilities in the research, design, mould, injection, and assembly of super-silenct rechargeable vacuum cleaners, pet grooming combs, mite-removing brush heads, electric and non-electric floor nozzles, storage racks for vacuum cleaner, etc. Apart from cleaning pet hair from floors and beds, our vacuum cleaner is a great tool for pet grooming by combing down the loose hair from pet body then be sucked into the vacuum cleaner automatically. Not to mention the common dust, whether on the low or high places, our vacuum cleaner can easily get rid of them. Cats and dogs are cute, but often shed, especially in spring and autumn. This problem has troubled many families keeping cats and dogs. Engaged in the vacuum cleaner industry for many years, we began to focus on how to remove loose hair from cats and dogs since 2013. Up to now, we have successfully developed a pet grooming comb which has obtained patents for invention in China, the United States and Japan. At the same time, we have also designed super-silent rechargeable vacuum cleaners to match the grooming comb. We are experts in this area, even better than some of the top vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Vacuum cleaner industry started over one hundred years ago, but the thoery used in it has already been discovered by scientists like Newton, Faraday as early as three hundred years ago. What we do now is applying what we have learnt to the market to make users have perfect usage experience. We will continue to launch new products in the near future to do better in the pet grooming market. We sincerely hope to cooperate extensively with domestic and foreign merchants and users. Looking forwarder to your inquiries. Our partnersChina portable rechargeable vacuum factory website: