Aluminum Alloy Skirting Installation Work

  •     Installation is a big problem for those who buy aluminum skirting boards for cabinets for the first time, and they may also be confused about the installation work. How to install the baseboards? Check it out here.

    1. Preparation
    2. Make the positioning ruler: the positioning ruler is 1000-2400 mm long; 40-50 mm wide; it can be made of wood or iron.
    3. Clean the wall foundation: remove the cement float; check the straightness of the wall, the gap is not more than 3 mm.
    4. Install the buckle
    5. Cement row nail fixation: The cement row nail is 32 mm long; the clip spacing is about 400 mm; the end of the wall is about 30 mm.
    6. Punching and fixing with impact drill: Drill holes on the wall with an impact drill; fix the buckle.
    7. Instruction: Use a woodworking nail gun or self-tapping screw to fix the buckle.

        Aluminum alloy skirting installation steps:

    1. After the buckles are installed on the same line, cut the yin and yang corners, tear off the kick protection film, and seal.
    2. Press in gradually from one end to the other, avoid hammering.
    3. After installation, seal with silicone.
    4. Tear off the protective film of the skirting line.
    5. Use AB glue to stick the inner corner, the outer corner, and the head to the joint.

        Aluminum alloy skirting installation precautions:

    1. The connection gap should be less than 3mm.
    2. Clean the wall first to avoid the paint sticking to the surface of the foot line.

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