Electric Drinking Water Pump Suppliers Introduces The Cleaning


    After the water dispenser is used for a period of time, a certain amount of dirt will inevitably appear. At this time, it needs to be breathed. Next, Electric Drinking Water Pump Suppliers introduces the white vinegar cleaning method of the water dispenser:

    White vinegar cleaning: First, disconnect the power supply of the drinking fountain, and drain the remaining water in the drinking fountain. Remove the plastic seat cushion from the drinking fountain that is stuck in the tube. Pour about 250ml of white vinegar into the water dispenser, then turn on the tap to verify that the white vinegar has entered the water storage tank. Put back the plastic seat cushion, plug it in, and heat it for about 40 minutes. Respectively release the white vinegar from the water outlet on the back of the faucet and the water dispenser, then add clean water to the water dispenser, and repeat the above steps two to three times. Just wash away the vinegar remaining in the water dispenser.