Taking Multiple Photos To Assist Foaming Trigger Sprayer

  •   Sometimes Foaming Trigger Sprayer manufacturers get a little clogged up and ‘sticky’.

      These Tips Might Help Solve The Issue

      Follow the recipe

      These foaming pumps work by mixing liquid-thin soap (I use castile soap) and air, and turning it into foam. Always follow the correct dilution rates as suggested in my recipes. Note that using extra castile soap will not produce a thicker foam, it will only clog your mechanism faster, causing it to ‘stick’.

      Don’t use your pump under running water or overfill bottles

      If water gets into the air chamber it may cause the pump to fail.

      Don’t seal the bottle too tightly

      This may affect performance, and you’ll start seeing the actual bottle creating suction. Loosen lid and continue using.

      Keep your pump active

      If you don’t use your foaming pump frequently enough, any soap trapped in the mechanism can dry and cause the pump to stick or fail.

      Try flushing the pump in fresh water

      Just remove the pump top and place in a glass of water. Keep pressing until clear water is being dispersed. Then try again with your bottle.

      Don’t use additives beyond castile soap, essential oils and water

      There is a little mesh screen inside your pump that allows the soap and air to mix, creating foam. These holes are so super tiny, and they can clog easily. Therefore, adding thickeners, glitter, micas, powdered colouring etc, will cause your mechanism to fail.

      Try turning the bottle upside down and pumping.

      I’ve heard some manufacturers recommend this.

      As a last resort, pull the pump apart and clean (although I highly recommend you don’t do this!)

      In all my years using foaming pump bottles, I have NEVER had to do this. But if you insist, go for it. Note that it takes some force, and will come apart into about 6 pieces, and it’s not easy to put back together. I advise taking multiple photos to assist you during reassembly.

      Please only pull your pump mechanism apart if you’re comfortable in doing so, and confident you can put it back together. I take no responsibility for pumps that are damaged due to manual tampering.

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