A Electric Drinking Water Pump For The Home

  •   Home water dispenser machines change lives. No, really. Many people don’t realise that home water machines are so much more than the bygone office water coolers of old. In fact, they provide an array of benefits for both you and your home – so you can say a sweet goodbye to the days of waiting for the kettle to boil.

      Want to find out what all the hype is about? Here are our 8 reasons why you need a Electric Drinking Water Pump wholesales :

      Instant hot, cold, and filtered water at the touch of a button

      The average UK kettle takes 3 minutes to boil a litre of water. The average person drinks 4 to 5 cups of tea a day (and that’s not even counting coffee)! Quick maths tells us this means the average person in the UK spends 15 minutes a day waiting for the kettle to boil; 105 minutes a week; 420 minutes a month; and 5040 minutes a year! That’s 84 wasted hours of foot-tapping in your kitchen.

      A water dispenser for the home provides instant hot & cold water instantly. Plus, with adjustable temperature settings, you can whip up the perfect brew in seconds. Like your coffee piping hot? Love ice-cold water in the morning? Treat yourself to a super chilled glass of H20 at a temperature as low as 4˚C.

      You’ll save money and energy!

      Did you know home water machines are super energy-efficient? The water dispenser costs as little as 15p per day to run, and seeing as it can deliver 7 litres of chilled water and 15 litres of hot water per hour that’s what we like to call a bargain!

      It’s good for your health

      It’s no secret, water dispenser filtered water is good for your health. The benefits are ten-fold, with skin hydration, nutrient absorption, detoxification, digestion, and a reduction in the risk of cancer as toxins such as chlorine and lead are filtered away. But fear not – with multi-stage filtration including a silver impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV filtration the water dispenser removes the bad stuff from your water but keeps the natural essential minerals that are good for you! In essence, the water dispenser will quench your thirst and body with all the healthy minerals you would get from bottled water at a slice of the price!

      Your immune system will thank you, trust us. And so will the environment when you turn down those nasty plastic bottles of water next time you’re at the checkout.

      You’ll drink more water without even realising

      As well as enjoying great tasting hot and cold drinks, water dispensers such as the water dispenser helps to promote good habits with users drinking and enjoying much more water and kickstarting a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s a chilled glass of cold water after a hard workout or a hot cup of tea to snuggle in for a winter movie, the water dispenser always delivers great-tasting filtered water in a matter of seconds.

      It’s tasty!

      For most people in the UK, drinking tap water is safe, because it is treated with chemicals like chlorine. However, we all know it tastes pretty bad! Don’t compromise. We need water to live, so we may as well enjoy it! Home water dispenser filtration ensures every glass of water is downright delicious; fresher and purer, the filters in the water machine remove the chlorine and bacteria that can make tap water taste flat, tasteless, metallic or even chemical.

      It’s surprising how pure water can elevate your favourite brew too. Think you make a good cuppa without filtered water? You don’t know what you’re missing.

      It’ll save you space

      Fridge crammed with water bottles? Kettles and cables getting in the way on your work surface? Water filter jug gathering dust in the back of the cupboard you never open? Water dispensers do wonders for your home’s feng shui; after all, our water dispenser is a kettle, filter, and iced water jug wrapped up in one bang tidy little machine.

      They are the perfect kitchen accessory

      Not only will you be treating yourself when you upgrade to a home water dispenser, but you’ll also be treating your kitchen too. Compact, cute, and with style to boot, our water dispenser comes in 12 colours to choose from and suit your space – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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