The Usage Of Plastic Lotion Pump

  •    Key findings

      2012 is another good year for closures

      In 2012, beauty and home care closures recorded 3% unit volume growth, and reached almost 95 billion units globally. Closures are benefiting from the shift towards more goods being packaged.

      Plastic Lotion Pump screw caps: between shampoo and toothpaste

      Globally, plastic screw caps are losing share in shampoo due to a growing preference for dispensing caps and pumps. However, Asia is driving usage of screw caps for toothpaste.

      Premium hair care brings

      new opportunities for closures

      Lotion and sprays pumps are expected to lead in terms of growth in conditioners

      globally. These closures convey a premium brand image and ensure correct

      protection of the expensive content of the package.

      Growing popularity of lotion pumps in liquid soap and beyond

      Lotion pumps are gaining share in liquid soap due to their functionality and convenience. Pump closures will continue to benefit from the rise in presence of airless technology, and will penetrate skin care to a greater extent.

      Dispensing caps post positive performance in hand dishwashing

      Asia Pacific and Latin America are expected to lead growth in dispensing cap usage in hand dishwashing, due to changing consumption habits and new product developments.

      Lotion pumps are benefiting from concentrated laundry care

      The usage of concentrated laundry detergents and fabric softeners requires precise dosing of the product. Lotion pumps are expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% in laundry detergents over 2012-2016.

      Triggers are used for shelf presence in air care

      Spray/aerosol air fresheners is a concentrated category, with metal aerosol cans being the dominant pack type fitted with sprays. However, trigger closures can help to make a brand stand out on the retail shelves, as seen with new launches in PET bottles.

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