Spray Bottle Pen Suppliers Introduces The Use Of Pump Heads


    Spray Bottle Pen Suppliers introduces that the pump head uses the principle of pressing liquid suction, which uses the movement of the piston to discharge the air existing in the storage cylinder, causing internal and external air pressure, so that the liquid rises under the action of the air pressure, from the liquid outlet pipe Drain to the outside of the tube.

    Some shampoo or body breast pump heads will initially design a plastic buckle between the liquid outlet and the lower round cover. This is used for fixing and preventing the pump head from rotating and leaking during transportation. . At this time, you only need to remove the plastic buckle and then rotate the pump head. When the opened shampoo needs to be transported or moved far away, you can remove the pump head from the shampoo bottle, then press the pump head to the end, rotate the pump head in the opposite direction as indicated on the cap, and then screw the pump head back to the cap again Go inside, but this process requires a certain amount of effort. Finally, reinstall the pump head back to the bottle.

    Through the above introduction, Perfume Pen 5ml Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.