Beverage Bottle To Choose From


    Whether you need transparent, colorful or decorative bottles, our team will help you find packaging options that suit your brand. Some of the Beverage Bottle .we provide include:

    Beer bottles: Whether for your crafting hobby or overall business, there are a variety of beer bottles to choose from. The standard bottle for beer and cider is 12 ounces. Long tie and crown cap. In addition to traditional beer bottles, we also offer a variety of other styles of beer, such as hip flasks, handles, and 22-ounce beer bottles.

    Wine bottles: Wine bottles come in many shapes and sizes. The most commonly used wine choices include red wine, Burgundy and Hawke. There are also special bottles for unique wine types. As the wine industry develops, so does bottling. Most specific wines have a bottle that best suits their variety. When choosing the perfect bottle, understanding the different cap types is also the key. In addition to ordinary cork stoppers, there are screw caps, glass caps and synthetic bottle caps.

    Bottle: There are many choices that make up the process of choosing the perfect bottle. Wine bottles come in many shapes, sizes and materials. There are many wine bottles to choose from, from large wine bottles to small "aircraft" bottles (also called sweet wines). They can be made of glass or plastic, depending on your target market.

    Juice bottles: Non-alcoholic beverages such as cold-pressed juice, soda and kombucha also require packaging. There are many choices for these types of drinks. We provide the same types of packaging solutions as industry-leading beer, wine and liquor bottles, as well as options that are particularly suitable for this market.

    Bottle decoration

    Our customers find that decorating their bottles can increase customer appeal. Any product or service without the jaw-dropping "wow" factor in its display will be difficult to sell. This is especially true in beverage supply. Consumers can choose a variety of options and designs, so it is very important to make your professional decorative bottle a simple choice. The bottle decoration has the following functions:

    Silk screen: Use full-color or multi-color screen printing to give your bottles a high-end look and feel. This method is economical and our experienced team can help you through the entire graphic design and printing process.

    Pressure-sensitive labeling: This economical and profitable process can help your beverage business take it to the next level.

    Other services: We also work with partners to decorate bottles with mold lettering and ceramic lettering. These processes can make your bottle look beautiful, as well as the physical elements that attract new customers.