Animal Crossing: New Horizons comics will be released in the We

  • Publisher Viz Media announced that it is currently translating a comic version of Nintendo’s delightful social game Animal Crossing: New Horizon. The English version of "Animal Crossing: A New Horizons Diary of a Deserted Island" is expected to be released in the west this fall, and is currently accepting pre-orders through various book retailers.

    The first two volumes of the Coconas Rumba manga adaptation were released in Japan in 2020 and were reported in the popular magazine CoroCoro that month. Unsurprisingly, the cartoon tells of the new achievements of some villagers making a living for themselves on one of the Nook Miles Ticket many Nuuk Islands. Of course, popular characters such as Tommy and Timmy, Seabird Gulliver and the clumsy ghost Wisp have all appeared.

    At the same time, returning to the digital realm, the Switch version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is preparing to receive a series of in-game gifts celebrating the Super Mario Bros. franchise. These will include various role-playing costumes, decorations like Thwomps and Koopa Troopa shells, and even a pair of effective management! Mario-themed items will be launched in the game on February 25th.

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