Information about the release of World of Warcraft Classic: The

  • With the launch of the World of Warcraft classic game, especially after the recent release of the sixth stage content patch of the classic version, players are looking forward to the next development of massively multiplayer online games. Everyone will also want to know what candidates are for the next major classic version of World of Warcraft? Restarted the first expansion pack of the game, the 2007 Burning Crusade.

    In fact, the next expansion of World of Warcraft Classic does not have any specific information, but here I have collected everything I know so far. These include rumors, tidbits, and all other things you should keep in mind before Blizzard may release the news. This is everything we have seen from the relaunch of the classic "Burning Crusade" of "World of Warcraft".

    There is no official news about when or whether there will be "World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade" on the digital shelf. But if the WOW Classic Gold main content of World of Warcraft is republished, the early expansion of the rest of the game will also be reached, or at least before the cataclysm makes drastic changes to Azeroth. Given that the latest round of updates brought the game to the last vanilla raid with Naxxramas, it is natural to hope to continue the story as the player originally did.

    Some "World of Warcraft" fans prefer to use only the Cheap WOW Classic Gold default "World of Warcraft" classic content to navigate, while at the same time, there are others who are eager to try "Burning Crusade" for the first time, or relive their journey in the expansion. Blizzard previously measured interest through surveys to see if players want to play new content, or if they want to quit the game temporarily. The expansion may only exist in the dedicated service of Burning Crusade, or it may be provided through several different options to meet the preferences of various players.

    And although Blizzard has not released any official news about the expansion, there are rumors that it may be launched in the summer. The World of Warcraft ribbon "StaySafe" stated through "multiple sources" that "Burning Crusade" may be released before May 4. However, Blizzard did not confirm or deny these rumors. As BlizzCon approaches, we may hear some news about the date, or we have to wait longer. But all we can do is look forward to it.

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