Facts about death knights in World of Warcraft, you should know

  • Fans of World of Warcraft are deeply impressed by "Death Knight", which is the first "hero class" of the popular MMO. The death knight hunted down the Lich King Arthas Menethil. They essentially use the power of blood, death and ice to lead the Lich King's forces. However, as adventurers, they used their power as a powerful tank and destroyed the dealer.

    However, the death knights in "World of Warcraft" seem to hide more secrets than they left behind. In their skeletal armor, the mysterious tradition and knowledge still remain, which distinguishes the death knight from other professions. But, don’t you wonder what distinguishes the death knight from other tanks and other companions?

    In fact, like most occupations, the death knight will use three specialties according to the player's choice. Essentially, these specialties reflect the death knight's dependence on cold, painful, and evil magic to enhance its magical power and force the enemy to yield. Their blood specialization can make them tank attack and take damage. At the same time, their frost and evil specializations allow them to cause damage in a variety of ways.

    Blood specialization can improve the WOW Classic Gold death knight's self-healing ability and damage output ability. Blood Spec does not use destructive spells, but gives buffs and debuffs that the death knight can use. At the same time, Frost Spec can enhance melee damage output, including more powerful single damage and AOE options, and damage over time. At the same time, the evil norm provides summoning options and additional debuff effects.

    In essence, death knights are mixed melee classes similar to warriors, although their runes have multiple magical effects. In PVP, the death knight relies on Frost's crowd control potential to stop the enemy from advancing. Likewise, they can channel debuffs through evil to slowly cause damage over time. Frost death knights can disrupt operations through effective crowd control while causing strong blasting damage. At the same time, the evil death knight exerts pressure on opponents through summoned pets, permanent ghouls and various destructive effects.

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