Players who upgrade their ships in Shadowlands have a major imp

  • As I mentioned before, I don't mind that these containers require a lot of material to make (although the drop rate of heavy calluses does need to be fixed). My real problem with the system is how to learn level 2, 3 and 4 ships. To learn Level 2 helmets, I need to make 15 Level 1 helmets, 15 Level 2 helmets for Level 3, and 15 Level 2 helmets for Level 4. Please note that I specifically said that I need to make an umbrahide helmet to learn the next level of umbrahide helmet. This is because each armor slot has its own independent XP bar. For leatherworkers, this is especially frustrating because we have two armor types that can be upgraded.

    I hope they can use a system where each armor type has a separate XP bar with different levels. In this way, I can focus on my own guild needs, and every work I do can raise everything to the next level. Since someone does not have a lot of gold for me to use, and does not have a lot of free time to play, leveling these slots has always been a arduous and frustrating process because of the obvious high rate of calluses and skin peeling. nerf makes the WOW Classic Gold situation worse. I think it will help my guild, but at this rate, it makes more sense for them to buy items from AH instead of waiting for me. At least if all mail levels have mail levels, and all leather levels have leather levels, I can focus on what people need, not what no one needs.

    Or, if the quantity to be leveled is smaller, I would be more willing to level each slot. Things like second place five levels, third place tenth and fourth place fifteenth will be a big improvement. Overall, only 15 items have been reduced, but it feels particularly feasible, especially when I rise to a higher level, knowing how much the requirements of the mat will jump. In total, this will reduce 270 severe calluses. With this setup, I don’t have to focus on just one advertising space, but I’m more able to help my friends get the items they need.

    I know that making such a change will undoubtedly have a significant impact on AH and players who can immediately upgrade their ships. After all, in most cases, one of the reasons why the No. 1 ships did not even pay for the material costs is that the barriers to manufacturing them are too low. However, it seems that I will never be able to classify everything into a sufficiently useful place, and all these operations on leather and mail make it feel more insurmountable. If this can be simpler, it will have a huge impact on the players on my ship.

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