After Calia became an undead, WoW fans became more worried abou

  • After Calia became an undead, WoW fans became more worried about her

    Will the Calia undead suddenly give her the legitimacy to lead the undead? Ask Emsrelda, a legendary fan of World of Warcraft, who talked with Polygon on Twitter. "Who even let her enter Orgrimmar and hang out with the blood elven leader for a while? Will the undead faction suddenly become partners with other members of the alliance? Like, her role in the big story makes me ask more questions than answers."
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    There are many rumors about Calia Menethil, but she is still very new to the game itself. Even with some cunning power, to occupy the position of Sylvanas is a difficult sale for fans who invest in the Forsaken. This is the difference between day and night-Sylvanas is a dark character who leads the Forsaken into a villain of the Horde. Calia is a good person and she wants everyone to get along.

    Some players expressed disappointment that her transformation into an undead creature took place outside the game. What is disappointing is that her official introduction to the game only applies to the priest in Legion. They didn't spend much time on alts until they entered the battle for Azeroth, and they didn't even recognize her.

    Calia has had some plots in the WOW Classic Gold recent World of Warcraft media, so she is unlikely to go anywhere. In the game, a small group of fanatics shared the false news that they discovered that Kalia had lost her son, but we knew this was wrong because Kalia mentioned that she had a daughter before the storm. One of the out-of-print books, "Explore Azeroth: Eastern Kingdoms", made people speculate on the forums and social media about the lost crown of Kalia's father and Minnes' legacy.

    Even if we don't know where the story will take her, these things also hint at the long-term existence of the character. Some fans are worried and fearful of these developments. If you don't particularly like Calia, it is difficult to welcome her to the cast. But Calia has many elements that can go to interesting places, and her story can be traced back to RTS games. Maybe she will eventually win skeptical fans.

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