Results of the 2021 World of Warcraft Shadowlands AWC Cup

  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 2021 Arena World Cup Champions Cup ends this weekend, with more than 200 teams participating in the qualifying stage. The battle was fierce, but in the entire chaos only two teams won. Method won the European Cup Championship, and Kawhi won the NA Cup Championship. However, the other participants did not return empty-handed, because they received some small prize pools, which will determine whether they are eligible to enter the final stage.

    The team composed of Chas, Thesia, Whaaz and Zunniyaki surprised everyone with its top-notch gameplay. Throughout the WOW Classic Gold game, they played popular settings such as RMP, Paladin/Fire Mage/Windrunner Monk, etc. The team has demonstrated excellent coordination and setting ability, throwing away a lot of cross-crowd control before being killed during their main cooldown (such as the burning of the wizard). They won 120 points and a small prize pool.
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    In second and third place are "Old Strike" and "Skill Cap EU", which won 100 points and 80 points respectively. "Earth Strike" plays the role of restoration shaman/retribution paladin/samurai in most games, showing how strong Ret's healing ability is. They are the team closest to Buy WOW Classic Gold defeating Method, but it turns out that Method has more experience. The skill-capped European Union has played the role of paladins/holy fire knights/element shamans in most of their games. They advocate opening the map to drag the enemy out of the wilderness, and then once the enemy is out of the cooldown Put the cable into the combustion combination.

    In general, the reason why the team likes Paladins is because of their strong healing abilities, which can provide many practical cooldowns, such as protection blessing, sacrifice blessing, aura mastery and overall mana maintenance. The European Union has made it clear that if you want to compete, the Paladin is a healer that can match it.

    In the seven best long series against Cloud9, Kawhi won the NA Cup. The teams of Brain, Cerallum and Drake prefer the composition of the holy spirit/fire mage/windrunner monk and other communities that are expected to win the game. With the help of Monk Teleport and Mage Polymorph, this setting can make the offense perform well, and can be turtle back when needed to restore the offensive cooldown.

    OTK played the Paladin/Fire Wizard/Windrunner Shaman as their opponent, but they were surprised by the "spicy chicken chopping meat", which made them withdraw from the game and only won the top three. Although they did try to experiment with "Restoration Shaman"/"Windrunner Monk"/"Frost Death Knight", the combination proved to be too weak to compete with other opponents with Paladins and Fire Wizards.

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