The situation of the tribe in World of Warcraft that players do

  • WoW players often look at the tribe and think of chaos and cruelty. However, World of Warcraft players know that the Horde seems to be a misunderstood faction-much more misunderstood than the Alliance and other vicious forces they faced during the Blizzard MMO expansion. In fact, the tribe seems to be a loosely connected and hastily formed alliance of race and culture, in a harsh world where they cannot immediately call themselves.

    However, the tribe seems to have its own share of history, which unites its leaders in wars and battles-despite difficult times, they still value honor, strength, hope, and freedom. Sadly, like the Alliance, the tribe always finds its peaceful test in betrayal and civil war. However, players may find it interesting to learn more about other secrets that the tribe may hold for them and their characters while playing MMO. This is why the WOW Classic Gold tribe members proudly shout: Lok'tar Ogar-for the tribe!

    Fans will remember that the orcs originally came from Draenor. At that time, Sargeras and the Burning Legion had corrupted the orcs, became bloodthirsty and war, and formed primitive tribes in the first RTS games. At the same time, their appearance also prompted the formation of a major league. Moreover, the victory of the Grand Alliance over the old tribe will soon pave the way for the new tribe. Unfortunately, even though the new tribes abandoned their bloodthirsty methods, they were still misunderstood by the people of Azeroth. As a result, many alliances and other neutral factions still do not believe in the tribe.

    Although today's tribes and alliances are fighting for greater benefits in their own way, the old tribes and major alliances have completely different philosophical views. In the original game, the two parties only had different aesthetics and caster abilities. However, the habits shared by their treatment units actually indicate the difference between the philosophies of the Old Tribe and the Grand Alliance.

    For example, the priests and paladins of the Major League strive to heal and restore injured allies. However, the death knights and the Necromancer Academy among the old tribe orcs refused to do so. On the contrary, if they were to become their own slaves in the form of undead, they would only heal and promote the fallen brother.

    Given the turbulent nature of the tribe, people inside and outside the faction know them by many names. The corrupt tribe is called the old tribe, and Thrall's tribe becomes the new tribe. At the same time, other "tribes" have been formed throughout the history of Azeroth.

    For example, the cult tribe served under the rule of Lord Keiser Magtheridon before forming an alliance with the Illidari Demon Hunter. At the same time, the Dark Horde of Rend Blackhand rejected Thall's leadership, returning his tribe to their demonic bloodthirsty ways. The Horde of Garrosh Hellscream calls themselves the true Horde. At the same time, the uncorrupted old tribe from Draenor became the Iron Tribe.

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