It was also nice that you can only play and not play for 3 time

  • It was also FIFA Mobile Coins nice that you can only play and not play for 3 times and nothing whould happend, if you do that you cant get some players or rewards anymore and the rest have a group of 120

    How in 6 years have they managed to go backward I remember playing this game once I wad a child and they have ruined. Why dont they just make the game like this again it was much more fun when Folks didnt possess 120 rated teams

    If I remember, we could substitute in game, because there was endurance and men would get worn if you just sprinted the entire time. In addition, if a player has a red card he'd miss the next game. Commentary was fantastic too. I believe possibly the teams also switched ends at half. Surethe graphics weren't so good but it had been five years ago.

    I simply left the match as soon as the El Dorado event obtained declared, hardly played, just wanted to take a look at this season, it's the exact identical shit appearantly... I did not play with FIFA 15, started by 17, Imo 18 was the last fantastic period of FIFA Mobile, I only had enough, decent luck to those who wish to continue...

    You're offering me memories of my preferred sport fifa 14 no glitches pleasure to play playing along with your favorite teams it had everything ther now its only addicting to play exactly the same events everysingle year no adjustments to game just only cards and thats itSomeone who plays H2H by just running with their quick wingers and delivers crosses to their own tall strikers. Plus they think they are proficient because of this

    An account by world football's governing body, FIFA, has laid bare the amount of abuse completed by Yves"Dadou" Jean-Bart, the disgraced former president of the Haitian football federation (FHF), forecasting his behavior"dreadful" and saying that he had"established a very complex and extremely harmful system of sexual abuse and manipulation of female cheap FUT Coins ."