Lotion Pump Head Accessories Requirements


    Related knowledge of Lotion Pump Head accessories:

    ⒌The composition of the dispenser is rather messy, generally including dust cover, snap head, snap rod, gasket, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, straw, valve ball (with steel ball, glass ball). It can be made of colored, electroplated, and anodized aluminum rings. Because a set of pump heads involves more molds, and the order quantity is larger, the minimum order quantity is 10,000 to 20,000, and the delivery period is 15 to 20 days after the sample is recognized. White and general-purpose types are often available in stock.

    ⒍Airless bottles are generally cylindrical, the standard is 15-50ml, and each has 100ml. The total volume is small. It relies on the principle of atmospheric pressure to prevent cosmetics from being polluted during use. There are anodized aluminum, plastic electroplating, and colored plastics, quotation It is more expensive than other general containers, and the general order quantity demand is not high.

    ⒎Distributor customers rarely open their own molds, they need more molds, and the cost is higher.