Bulk Cosmetic Cream Jar Packaging

  •   As particular packaging items are high in demand, manufacturers are also seeing an increase in shipping lead times. We want to highlight bulk Cosmetic Cream Jar manufacturers packaging that is a great option and has swift lead times.


      Plastic pail packaging is an excellent choice for chemicals such as hand sanitizer, cleaner, and disinfectant wipes. The plastic pail does not warp from heat, damage from water or other cleaning chemicals. Institutions like universities and hospitals especially see a need for this packaging style due to having larger facilities and multiple areas to clean.

      Teacher wiping down desk with disinfectant wipe and a mask on.Educational institutions benefit from products in bulk packaging to maximum products for the duration of the school year.

      The pails are secure, eliminate leaks, and keep elements out like air and other chemical agents. Able to hold many more wipes than flat packages or small canisters, these larger plastic pails are also easy to refill. This makes it the most convenient type of packaging for sterilized towels and disinfectant wipes when a large quantity needs to be packaged.

      Easing Minds of Consumers

      More than 85% of global consumers say safe packaging makes them more likely to trust and purchase products from a brand. How packaging is presented to a consumer is vital for the business to keep growing. This supports why chemical goods manufacturers and companies should consider using plastic bulk pail packaging to contain them.

      Additional Packaging Features

      Hand with glove wiping surface with disinfectant wipe.Cross-hatched pull-through lid allows for hospital staff members to pull instantly from the pail packaging and clean without pausing.

      This packaging offers two types of solutions for lids with cross-hatched openings. The cross-hatched lid provides an easy and effective way to dispense a single wipe. To protect the wipes from drying out, we have two solutions for the lids. The first option incorporates a resealable flip cap top that can be inserted into the center of the lid. The second utilizes a resealable sticker over the opening for a quicker and more cost-effective solution.

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