Offline of Old School Runescape 12-31

  • Every Old School Runescape player dreams of getting as much gold as possible one day. Just like RS Gold, gold is also very important in the game. In the past day, the dream of owning a lot of gold suddenly came true. Countless OSRS players have obtained the largest cash stacks from sources that usually generate thousands of gold coins. After 20 minutes, the developers completely shut down the game and temporarily shut down all servers until they discovered the golden copy error.

    The developers worked hard to find out what they wanted and updated the query code, which involved the production of stackable bags considered coins. Upon death, the goal is to convert them into real coins, partly to enable PKer to gain value when applicable. When converting a pile of items into a pile of coins, you should check whether the calculation overflows the maximum integer limit of the game language 2.1 billion. Unfortunately, the logic used for this calculation is incorrect, and when executed on a stack of other items, not the pouch itself, the result is that the stack is converted to 2.1b coins.

    In this short period of 20 minutes, naughty players used ill-gotten money to purchase in-game bonds and redeem their memberships. After the accident, the developers revoked their memberships and will temporarily delete them from the game. The gold coins falling from the sky will be news sooner or later. All of our players should stay awake. We can choose to buy RS3 Gold at a very low price.

    The OSRS team is working hard to rollback-that is, to restore the game to the state before the error update, thereby effectively undoing all duplicate gold and everything else that happened within 20 minutes of the update.