Summary of Escape from Tarkov Practical Unpopular Skills

  • Escape from Tarkov, as a high-realistic first-person shooter game, is closer to reality than other games, so is there any skill in it that can help us survive and successfully evacuate? Here is the Escape from shared by Eznpc A summary of Tarkov's practical unpopular skills, I hope it can help everyone.

    The number of bullet holes when the mask is hit has nothing to do with the bullets hit, it is only related to the remaining durability, that is, bullets with high armor-piercing injuries can hit your face with bullet holes in one shot.

    Windproof goggles are useful and can reduce scratches by barbed wire.

    Interchange: Killa will not move when being attacked but will stand still and shoot.

    There is a possibility that the instantaneous blasting thunder will not die. I have been bombed, bleeding all over, plus two fractures, but I didn't die.

    Except for those with flashlights and night vision devices, the AI on the map at night is "blind".

    The thermal imaging has been modified recently. Now there is no distance limit. Previously, the long-distance was not displayed, but now it is displayed.

    All bosses can issue cards, even red keycards.

    Bullets cannot hit the toes, and there is no size determination in the shoes.

    When using HK416, the sound of opening the backpack is the most unique, there will be an obvious "click"

    The luxury innocence task of the clothing dealer, the task items can be directly bought and turned in

    After the AI ​​gets down, his accuracy will greatly increase. If you don't wear a helmet, it is best not to try to shoot a gun against him. I have experienced this many times.

    For PMC, the effect of BS and 7N39 is the same. Sixth-level A is three shots to the chest, while lower than six-level A, BS can kill two-shots on the chest, 7N39 still requires three shots, so I recommend using it. BS.

    Ordinary AI sometimes wears grade 5 gray armor, the one with 65 durability

    The mechanism by which AI will collectively hunt "knife runners" has been changed, and it was canceled the first day it went online.

    There are two kinds of mines in the reserve station minefield. One only has a broken leg, and the other will kill you directly. The triggering of the two kinds of mines is just a matter of probability. The longer you stay in the minefield, the greater the chance of sudden death. It means that minefield burial is feasible

    The people in Escape from Tarkov are not left-handed.

    The howitzer at the reserve station will not explode at close range, and the armor penetration efficiency is about level 3.