Store Pu Air Hose As Such


    A good Pu Air Hose for your compressor will make filling low tires and running air-powered tools easier and more efficient. A bad hose, on the other hand, can cause you a variety of headaches ranging from not delivering enough air to putting up a fight every time you roll and unroll it. Air hoses are made of different materials and are available in a variety of lengths and internal diameters. To make a good selection, consider three important factors—the material the hose is made from, the size of the hose and how you intend to store it.

    Face it, having an air hose snaking all around the garage isn’t a pleasant situation, especially if you appreciate a tidy garage. But storing an air hose can be problematic—some just don’t want to roll up into a nice, neat package. To avoid the mess, you have two choices. First, you can buy a hose hanger that holds the rolled hose nicely up and away from the floor. Another option is to consider a self-coiling hose that stretches where you need it, then coils itself back up like a slinky after use. A long self-coiling hose can retract into a nice, small package that won’t always be underfoot when you don’t want it there.

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