You Could Repair Punctures with DIY Tire Repair Tool Kits


    We live in a world of DIY tips and tricks for the most trivial to the most critical tasks. Some of these tips or DIY Tire Repair Tool Kits can actually save you a lot of trouble too. Imagine that you're stranded on a highway or a deserted road, and your vehicle's tyre is flat, refusing to go the rest of the way. What do you do in a situation like this?

    Simple - tyre puncture repair kits to the rescue! So, go, rescue yourself. (But remember that these kits provide temporary support only. As soon as you come across a tyre shop nearby, head there to receive professional guidance.)

    But till then, you are on your own. So how do you use a tyre puncture kit? Let’s find out. First, get familiar with what constitutes a puncture repair kit.

    ● A pair of pliers: Once you locate the puncture spot, you can remove the object which has pierced the tyre using the pliers.

    ● A spiral probe: This is used to clean and expand the damaged area so that tyre strips can be placed.

    ● Large needle with a handle: It is used to insert tyre repair strips.

    ● Rubber cement solution: This comes in a small tube which is used on the spiral probe for smooth penetration.

    ● Tyre repair cords: A set of spongy strips to apply to the spot of the leak.

    ● Blade/knife: To cut off the extra length of the strip.

    How to fix a tyre puncture using a repair kit?
    No tyres are fail-safe. Even products from brands with the best car or bike tyres are susceptible to punctures. So, you should always keep a puncture repair kit handy as the first line of defence.

    → Now, in case you encounter a leak, pull over and park your vehicle on a flat surface.

    → Turn the ignition off and apply the parking brake before you proceed to fix the puncture. Try to repair the tyre while it is affixed to the vehicle.

    → Follow these steps while using a puncture repair kit:

    Use the pliers to pull out the alien object that has pierced the tyre.
    After removing the object, insert the spiral probe in its place. Slowly rotate the spiral probe in circles to clean and expand the area of the leak.
    Take out a single tyre repair cord from the packet and insert it in the centre of the large needle provided. Push the strip inside the needle-eye until both sides are level.
    Lubricate the spiral probe with the rubber cement solution and inject it into the puncture spot to unblock it.
    Remove the spiral probe and quickly insert the tyre repair cord and needle. Push it inside long enough to let only a small portion of the cord be visible outside the rubber.
    Now, quickly remove the insertion tool without twisting the handle.
    With the help of a blade or knife, trim the protruding ends of the cord. Even if some parts are left untrimmed, they will get flattened as the wheel moves.
    Reinflate the punctured tyre, and your vehicle is good to go.
    If you follow these steps, you should be able to successfully repair your tyre puncture with the help of a repair kit. But don’t forget to find the first puncture shop nearby and get the tyre professionally examined after repairing the puncture. You can buy a puncture repair kit as well as browse the best tyres, online.

    TL:DR: tyre puncture repair kits are undoubtedly helpful if you know what you're doing. The ultimate purpose of a puncture repair kit is to keep you going at least for some distance with a temporary fix. Use the buffer time to find a suitable service centre to get your tyre examined by a professional, so you can get it repaired perfectly and hit the road asap.

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