What Should I Pay Attention to When Using a Spray Gun?

  •   What should we pay attention to when using air duster guns or other spray guns? How to operate is the norm? Let's find out.

      One is the spraying distance. The standard spraying distance is 20-30cm for large spray guns, 15-25cm for small spray guns, 25-30cm for portable electrostatic spray guns, and 15-25cm for air spray guns. If the spraying distance is too small, the coating film formed per unit time will be thicker, which is prone to sagging; if the spraying distance is too large, the coating film will become thinner, the loss of coating will increase, and the coating film will become dull in severe cases.

      The second is the operation mode of the spray gun. Including the angle of the spray gun to the surface to be coated and the running speed of the spray gun, the spray gun should be kept at right angles and parallel to the surface to be coated. The moving speed of the spray gun is generally adjusted within 30 ~ 60cm/s and requires stability. If the spray gun is skewed and rotates in a circular arc or the running speed is variable, it is impossible to obtain a coating film with a uniform thickness, which is prone to blooming, orange peel, sagging, and other phenomena.

     Finally, the width of the overlap of the spray pattern should be kept at a certain distance. The degree of overlap between the front and rear is generally 1/4-1/3 of the fluctuation of the useful spray pattern. If the width of the tower connection is variable, the film thickness is not uniform, and film defects are prone to occur.

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