If the tire is leaking, the cause of the leak should be found first, and then the corrective measures can be prescribed and repaired. When checking, first unscrew the dust cap of the Tubeless Snap Tire Valve, and put a drop of water on the valve core. Seal the valve core hole. If the water droplets become blisters and rupture, the valve core is leaking, and the valve hose should be replaced. If there is no air leakage, a small bottle filled with water can be used to cover the valve. If there are continuous bubbles in the vial, it means that the valve core and valve body are leaking. At this time, tighten the compressed air nut forcefully and try again. If bubbles still emerge, pull out the valve core and carefully check whether the valve tube is broken or does not cover the cone on the valve core. After inspection, it was found that there was no problem, indicating that the inner tube was leaking.

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