Echoes Market data dumps to have that data handy

  • Yeah I figure hooking into the game could be the simplest way of eve echoes isk reverse engineering. However, I guess they can detect it. Still may be interesting.This is awesome! Checking things several times a day manually... That's exhausting. Have you got an endpoint that publishes all request ids you have to match some thing name? I noticed that every thing has an ID on your API but I'm struggling to note them all.Right now I'm using the thing ids that the game utilizes. If you do some hunting, I think you need to be able to find a listing of all the thing ids. I might update the API to make this easier in the future, though.I've done some searching and I haven't discovered a list of item IDs outside from the wild or at anything that /u/eveechoesdata has published. It'd be amazing if a person could print such a record!

    Awesome. I ended up being able to piece together thing and blueprint IDs via the data from u/EveEchoesData, but it will be super useful for anybody else with the Echoes Market data dumps to have that data handy.I detected some missing data in a variety of spots. Would it be helpful for you when I cross referenced my IDs against your IDs and singled out missing data that should reasonably exist? E.g, No T10 ships exist, but I recall seeing some bizarre blueprint data for technology under and 6.

    I actually just found a few more things that I was missing, they need to be showing on the site within the next few hours. Sooner or later, however, I will just start manually adding the items, so in the event that you keep seeing more items that are missing after now, please let me know!I'll be on the watch. Thanks for the heads up.How do we understand this is true?

    I noticed some missing items such as Stabber cruisers and a few of the level 2 weapon and navigation rigs. Is this because of low volume and so no data to show? Maybe imperfect thing IDs on your side?Any opportunity we could filter it to just Jita, or trade hubs, ore even just highsec?

    I'm working on try to get the buy price to match up with people's expectations better, but you are correct, arbitrary outlier costs are definitely throwing off things. I will be doing some tests in the upcoming few days with a few more seasoned traders to attempt get the numbers to be accurate. Honestly, I'm not very experienced in Eve trading, so I only found a way to set the data together, so I am happy others in the area are helping me to buy eve isk produce better heuristics so the site will be more useful.