Tips For Cargo Tie Down

  • We often encounter cargo transportation in our daily life, and cargo tie down is inevitably needed at this time, so when cargo tie down we need to use some tricks to make the bundled cargo stronger and not damaged.

    After we untie the wire rope, if the strand and the steel wire in the strand do not change the twisting state in the free state, and do not produce spontaneous loosening tendency, the wire rope sling can be regarded as not loose. You can also untie the corresponding two strands at one end of the wire rope sling. There are about two lay lengths. When these two strands are twisted to the wire rope sling again, the steel wire remains in place in the strands and the strands hang on the wire rope. The inside of the rigging should also be restored. In this case, the wire rope sling can be regarded as not loose.

    In addition to good skills, what we cannot lack is a good tool, so the tool is also very important, and ratchet buckle will be a good auxiliary tool.