Structure Of Ratchet Strap Manufacturer

  • The tensioner is one of our more commonly used tools. In the belt drive system, the ratchet strap manufacturer is a very important part.

    The elastic idler tensioner is always installed on the side of the black belt, and it also plays a guiding role. The direction of the tensioning arm should be kept parallel to the belt drive direction as much as possible. When installing the belt tensioner, please read carefully the belt manufacturer's instructions on the belt structure and performance. Regardless of whether the belt tensioner is installed on the outside or the inside, it must be installed as far away as possible from the driven pulley. The sealing of the elastic idler tensioning device is to prevent the filled grease from leaking out on the one hand and to prevent external dust on the other hand. The elastic idler tensioning device is a representative rolling bearing. Impurities and moisture invade the inside of the bearing and affect normal operation.

    China's economy continues to develop steadily and rapidly, and various industries are constantly striving to develop, and the quality of ratchet tie down strap is constantly improving.