our country and we will be destroyed

  • "But this is the only one with super technology and powerful biochemical beasts that we can't understand." Interjected the old man in black, who was sitting opposite the president and was also the largest fire dealer in Angica. The old man was obviously very prestigious, and as soon as he opened his mouth, neither the president nor the lady in red spoke any more, but looked at the old man. Ahem! The old man in black coughed and said, "We all know that Angica is only a small country. We often have to take sides in the face of power. But if we take the wrong side, our country and we will be destroyed." "Yes." "Sir William is right," the president said. "We must work together to tide over the difficulties." So, what should we do? While sending out surrender documents to the Alor people to delay time, while secretly contacting our suzerain, the Shinra Empire? "The Shinra Empire, with its vast territory, as the Lord of the Northern Arm, has always been a first-class power in the galaxy." The old man in black crossed his hands and said, "But, as far as my connection with the business alliance is concerned, even the best fleet of the Shinra Empire has never had the incredible warships that the Alor people have now,aluminum tile trim, not to mention the biochemical beasts." "But the Shinra Empire has hundreds of thousands of ships, enough to submerge our little Angel Card in an instant." The lady in red whispered, reminding the old man in black not to misjudge the situation. I know With trembling hands, the old man in black took out a communicator from his chest and threw it on the table. Swish! The communicator opened automatically, and the beautiful star map of the Milky Way appeared immediately. It's just that this beautiful star map of the Milky Way belongs to the stars of Angica, which are clear and marked with waterways,stainless steel tile trim, while the other stars can only see the twinkling stars and do not know the real situation of other civilizations. Did you notice anything? The old man in black leaned back in his chair and asked. We, Angica.. Very small The president said, "All of us here have seen this star map many times. Why?" "Yes, we are very small, and located on the edge of the Milky Way, those Alor people, how did they come to us without attracting the attention of the Shinra Empire in front of us?"? I don't think the great powers of the galaxy like the Alor. "This.." The president thought for a moment and then looked up at the old man in black. "Are they from another galaxy?" How is that possible? Across a galaxy.. The lady in red muttered in a low voice, but the more she looked at the star map, the more she thought it was possible. Although I don't want to admit that this is true, I have to say that this is a possibility. "Gentlemen." The old man in black clapped his hands on the table and asked loudly, "Do you have any new ideas now?" We.. Surrender to the Alors? "Do you really want to help them?" Asked the president. "Sincere?"? No, that's a good offer you just made. Send a message to Shinra, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile edging, ask for their help, and pretend to cooperate with the intruders. "This.." The others looked at the old man, not knowing why. The old man in black chuckled, knocked on the table and said, "How much is the degree of cooperation of this pretence, but it is up to us to grasp." "This.." All the people present were crafty old men, and as they watched the old man in black speak out, they nodded their heads one after another, and each of them haggled over something in their hearts. Angel card capital circle outside the starry sky, when the starry sky number one base was destroyed, white cloud fly also trend Titan class battlecruiser and other ships across the space, and when white cloud fly ordered to angel card capital forward, he saw an angel card communication ship floating over, relying on the link to this communication ship. Bai Yunfei saw the peace document of the Federal Senate of Angica. How can these guys just surrender like this? Bai Yunfei looked at the contents of the document and rubbed his forehead: "The Angelica people are really so fragile, but when they see their fleet lose, they lose the heart of struggle?" Bai Yunfei shook his head and left the command room. This kind of surrender is not what I want. "Thinking about the ore in the Angica warehouse, Bai Yun flew to the hangar of the Titan-class battlecruiser, where a tailor-made airframe stayed quietly.". Black bodybuilding body, with six black magic crystal composed of flying wings, the head of the blood-red magic crystal placed on its forehead, although not moving, but its height of 25 meters is only half kneeling on the ground quietly, it is enough to get the awe of the people's eyes. This is the body designed by Miss Anna herself. Sabel was also in the hangar, near a silver-white unicorn magic outfit, and the beautiful girl could not help speaking when she saw the white clouds flying in and looking at the black body. But also because of the use of a lot of materials and power, this body has a very powerful force, it is said that only the real demigod level strong, can perfectly play the real strength of this body! "The strongest angel!" Bai Yunfei looked at the inscription on the chest of the black angel body and smiled softly: "I like the name." "All right, Sabella, come with me, make a scene, and then ransack the rich capital of Angica!" "Yes!"! Master Sabel snapped a salute and said. In the capital circle, Angka people have learned the news of the invaders through television and the Internet. Some of them are very excited, want to take up arms to defend their homes, but more people are worried or do what they should do, in their view, since they already know, and the government is still so open and aboveboard broadcast out, it seems that the basic situation has been decided,tile profile factory, the government is not going to resist, then these civilians, what else can they do? It may be more realistic to consider what the alien tax rate is. jecatrims.com