Then hurry up

  • Ran Dongsheng found nothing here. He looked listless. There were other places in the nightclub. He hoped he could find Shuiyou. So he took out his walkie-talkie. Go on upstairs and search the night blue Fangfei, the guest room, the corridor, the bathroom, the office, all the places you can check! "Lawyer Chen, call and complain about this officer!" Lan Xuanye looked coldly at Ran Dongsheng. What was the superintendent looking for in the night? People or things? He seems to have gone a little too far and gone beyond the scope of anti-pornography. Right now Lawyer Chen immediately ran out, found a quiet place and began to call to complain. Ran Dongsheng looked at Lan Xuanye angrily, stepped forward, and grabbed him by the collar. Lan Xuanye, I will find a chance to fix you. "Then hurry up, because your chance will be gone." Lan Xuanye arrogantly pulled Ran Dongsheng's hand. People like you, rich, corrupt, degenerate, frivolous, how can you not give me a chance? Be careful. Ran Dongsheng looked at Lan Xuanye coldly. His family opened amusement parks, entertainment centers, casinos, and underground banks. How could they not make mistakes? Drugs have always been rampant in these places. They will have plenty of time to meet in the future. What Ran Dongsheng has to do now is to find police officer Luo Shuiyou. At the moment when Ran Dongsheng put down his arm, his cell phone rang, and after it was connected, he was scolded by his boss,aluminum tile edge trim, which meant that he should quickly withdraw from the team. Lan Shi had begun to question that their anti-pornography behavior was beyond their authority and could not embarrass everyone. Ran Dongsheng put down his cell phone and looked at Lan Xuanye coldly. Lan Xuanye shrugged his shoulders helplessly, expressing his helplessness. No way, the police officer is so anti-pornography, the nightclub can not operate normally. "Tuck your tail!" Ran Dongsheng warned. Don't worry, I never live with my tail between my legs. If you have anything, just come. This young master will accept all comers. Lan Xuanye put one arm on the wall, took out a cigarette with one hand, and handed it to Ran Dongsheng. Ran Dongsheng looked at him contemptuously, turned around,metal trim manufacturers, and ordered his policemen. Take these two! Close the team! With that, Ran Dongsheng frowned and walked out. He could no longer openly look for Luo Shuiyou. What he could do was to let everyone go back and change into casual clothes and pretend to be a guest to look for him again. But in that case, it would be more difficult. In some places, guests were not allowed to go in and out. Lan Xuanye's cigarette was left out in the cold. He suddenly smiled, took it back, pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. But instead of leaving, he held the necklace in his hand and looked coldly at Les Feng. Where is she? This is the last time I ask you! "I don't know, cousin, I really don't know, who knows where Sofia went, whether she left with someone, you know her kind of woman." Without waiting for Lei Sifeng to finish, Lan Xuanye kicked out and kicked directly on Lei Sifeng's stomach. Lei Sinfeng was unprepared and lay directly on the ground. This was the first time his cousin had hit him. Lei Sinfeng didn't want to know. He only knew that his heart was full of hatred for this dissolute young master. Do you still want to play with me? Come on, let's face to face. Don't embarrass a woman! Lan Xuanye squatted down, he dared to lie, Luo Shuiyou's necklace was clearly here. Cousin, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless tile trim, I really don't. Sophia is not here. You can see that. Is she not here? "Pow" Lan Xuanye slapped her in the face: "This is her necklace, and you said she wasn't here?" Lan Xuanye raised the necklace in his hand, and then gave Lei Sifeng a louder slap in the face. Lei Sifeng's head was buzzing. None of the men around him dared to move. The Thais stood coldly at the back, knowing that there was a more ruthless guy than Mr. Lei. Lei Sifeng stared at the necklace in Lan Xuanye's hand, a little dumbfounded, how could this happen, when did that woman leave it behind? "Don't want to explain, right? Well, don't tell me where she is, let's play slowly!" Lan Xuanye grabbed the collar of Lei Sifeng, pressed him against the wall, and then beckoned, several of Lan Xuanye's men came over, and Lan Xuanye let go of his hand, slowly retreated, sat down, and said arrogantly: "Call me until I say it!" Lan Xuanye is really ruthless. He is dissolute on the surface, but hides the same ferocious factor as his father when he was the boss of the gang. If Lei Sifeng dares to touch his bad luck, he will give him a good look. Without waiting for the men's fists and feet to come out, Lei Sifeng begged for mercy. Cousin, I said, I said. "Stop!" Lan Xuanye stretched out his hand, motioned not to fight, and then smirked: "It's better not to say it's useless. I only ask one person, where is Sofia?" She, she stole the documents for me, and we went back to the villa after dinner, and then. After that We made an appointment to meet here, cousin knows what Sophia does, she took the initiative to seduce me, I also. Moved, so we went into the darkroom together and thought. Lei Sifeng fabricated, in fact, Sofia is to please him, in fact, in order to get the evidence around him, but to cousin, he absolutely can not say, otherwise he died faster, cousin came back from the United States, the most hated business is the underworld and drugs. Into the darkroom together? Lan Xuanye holds the necklace in his hand and tightens his cheek muscles with hatred. Sofia really likes Les Wind so much that she wants to live with him here. It was a secret place to put some precious goods such as decorative crystals and agates. Sophia and I did it on this broken single bed. Les Wind had to explain the origin of the necklace, which must have been left by the woman, so there was only one explanation. They were in a single bed, and the necklace fell out. Cousin, I don't want to rob a woman with you, Sofia came in, regardless of the bad environment here, directly on this bed, take off clothes, I am a man, so I can't control, just,stainless steel edging strip, just hold her down. Because it was too intense, maybe the necklace fell off, and she was very excited at that time. The explanation is reasonable. Didn't someone have an affair here just now? Lan Xuanye waved his arm directly: "Don't say it!" 。