who is in charge?

  • Out. After walking more than ten paces, the black-robed man who was in the lead on the opposite side said, "I didn't make myself clear before. Fortunately, I acted rashly. If you don't listen." Advice is bound to be regretful. There are more than twenty top experts ambushed in this area. It is easy to capture or kill you Force. Save your energy! Friend One side said, one side leisurely step close, hundred step magic fist was calmed, had to wave, stop the sword Qin Tai to go again. Go ahead. Both sides lined up and approached, and the atmosphere became increasingly tense. Approaching about thirty feet, the black-robed man stopped and spoke first: "Besides the Yue Lin brothers, who is in charge?"? Stand up and say Words. Hundred Steps Divine Fist took three steps forward and said in a deep voice, "I'm next to Hua Mengyang. What's your name?" "You are a hundred-step magic fist. You can't go wrong. Just now you broke a lot of unlucky reeds with your magic fist. Only you can be so terrible." The strength of the fist. But your excellency is not the person in charge. Call the second son of Quanzhen in the capital to come and answer. "Your Excellency has a big tone." Baibu Shenquan's face changed. But said calmly in a strong tone. The black-robed man smiled faintly and said as if nothing had happened, "I don't want to haggle with you, a reckless man. Ask the second son of Quanzhen to come out and answer quickly." Words. "Your Excellency seems to have found out a great deal about us!" "Well, if you don't find out your background, how can you be waiting for you here?" "In that case, you should know the whereabouts of the two immortals. Why ask?" Quanzhen Erzi is the closest to you, so I want you to invite them out. Of course, the second son of Quanzhen is among you,aluminium edge trim, not yet. He is a great master. This time you pretended to pass on the order of King Ning, and used King Ning's telegraph station to send a message to the capital for instruction. On the capital side, from Jiang Bin came forward and sent four masters waiting in the leopard room to take charge of the overall situation. Of the four masters, two monks and two Taoists are all demotable The figure of Long Fu Hu, headed by Zongba Living Buddha, is a Grand Lama, who is also the Hutuketu of Karachi,aluminium tile trim profiles, nicknamed Black Pool Blood. Demon. The second is the selfless master, the abbot of Jinji Temple in Wutai Mountain, nicknamed Ruyi Buddha. Quanzhen Erzi is also the second of the four masters, and his inner boxing and sword skills are based on nature. At present, the Blackpool Blood Demon is still two miles behind, Ruyi Buddha. Also in the front two miles, the distant water can not put out the near fire. Quanzhen Erzi. Suddenly, the grass on the left side of the road was divided, and two old men stepped out. In the hands of each old man, a man in black was hanging and walking. Go out of the official road. Two Laodao wear the law clothes, wear the nine-beam crown, wear the sword, one hand drags the person, stainless steel edge trim ,tile trim factory, one hand holds the whisk, the dress is the same, all year about flowers. Armor, medium stature is slightly thin, have the spirit of immortal wind and bone, a pair of eagle eyes are cold and electric, fierce and frightening. Lao Dao on the right As soon as he threw the man to the ground, he grinned grimly and said, "Almsgiver, I want to know the poor way by name. The poor way is here. Wait for orders. Say it."? Almsgiver, Quanzhen Erzi listened attentively. "The two Taoist priests are really brilliant, and today the emperor's red man in the leopard room really lives up to his reputation." The black-robed man said with a smile, his expression changing slightly. Almsgiver, I'm flattered. Is it just because I want to say a few beautiful words of praise to the poor way that I want the poor way to appear? "The Taoist's words are too heavy." "Well, what can I do for you?"? Yun Zhongzi, I haven't asked the benefactor for your name yet. "Oh!"! That one must be your younger brother, Taoist Priest Xuan Zhongzi. Xuan Zhongzi also left the man behind and said with a cold smile, "It's just so so. The people of Kusano Mountain are waiting for orders. The benefactor is merciful." "Just surnamed Qiu.". Known as Wanli, Jianghu bandits are known as multi-armed bears. Quanzhen Erzi was stunned, and Qin Tai's face changed color with his magic fist and sword. Eh! Aren't you the deputy owner of Dafeng Villa? The cloud neutron was stunned, but looked friendly instead. Just a little. The dobby leaned over and smiled. Strange thing, why don't you go to King Benning and make a comeback? "There is no light on the lower face. Why go to Prince Ning's Mansion?" "Then why don't you go to him when your teacher Gui Yundanshi is now wandering in Lingshan?" "Eh!"! Are you trying to provoke me? You are too bold. The dobby bear laughed. Say: "How dare I?"? If you don't use the goading method, how can the two Taoist priests come forward to give advice? "Oh!"! You're a scheming fellow. What difficulties do you have to solve in a poor way? "I have been ordered by the Lord to come and ask you to discuss the plan of capturing Ai Wenci." "Eh!"! Is it important that the Lord is not dead? "Fortunately, he escaped the catastrophe and was wounded." "There is no need to discuss. Ai Wenci is a turtle in a jar and a fish in a net." "Otherwise, with the support of a sword from the Central Plains and the Jade Dragon, and with the help of a lot of Baidao celebrities, you don't have much chance of winning." "What?"? They all back up Avonzi? The cloud neutron changed color and asked. That's true. You don't know the real identity of our Villa Leader. His real name is the Jade Face God and Demon. Dafeng Mountain Zhuang was defeated by a sword from the Central Plains and the Jade Dragon. Ai Wenci is only the culprit. My Lord is still injured. However, a group of people from the Central Plains still stayed in Ganzhou to deal with the aftermath. All the efforts of the Villa Leader went down the drain, and he vowed to take revenge, but he was alone. And your strength is too weak, only the two sides join hands, can catch all those who fish for fame. "This.." "Our Villa Leader has sent someone to monitor their actions. If you are willing to cooperate, you are sure to win, and you may perish together." "You are overestimating those old men." The cloud neutron said lukewarm. I am telling the truth. The defeat of our Villa Leader is a lesson from the past. Besides, our Villa Leader vows to avenge this, if you don't Cooperate, then, the people of our village will go all out, maybe they can get away with it, and you won't have a chance to catch Ai Wenzi. Yes, please ask the Taoist to think twice and weigh the pros and cons. Yun Zhongzi hesitated a little and said hesitantly, "This.." The poor way is not the master. "There is no difficulty in persuading the two masters as long as the Taoist priest supports them." "You can try the poor way." "I have a boat by the river. If you are willing to cooperate, please board the boat and wait for me in the boat.". When you accompany,china tile trim, all Fascinated by poisonous smoke, only one person was hit by a branch in the acupoint and could be awakened by pouring cold water on his head. Goodbye, I hope you are in the boat Meet me. The dobby bear finished and saluted. jecatrims.com