I do not need to explain with you these rough people

  • The soldiers were not happy. Xu Hu scolded at the top of his voice: "Murong Qi, you can rely on your mother's words. The coffin of Yan Ji was taken down by my brother with his own hands. How can it be false?"? Don't make a coffin like a ***ing mouth and run to show off. Be careful that I put an arrow through your head! Murong Yu is also not annoyed: "Is not false, I do not need to explain with you these rough people, I say with the girl." He shook his left and right long sleeves and showed his wrists to Wu Jiang. "One of these two rubies is from your body. Where did the other come from? You should understand at a glance. You can't find a third bracelet like this in the world." The young girl stepped on the long latch and stood under the fluttering red clothes of her mother and concubine, crying for the old eunuch to pull down a red bracelet from her stiff wrist. Turnip ginger finally can not help but put the eyes on, yes, it is really that one. Her eyes flashed with water, and she closed her eyes again: "Murong Yu, don't cheat me with a fake one!" Murong Yu did not answer her, but went on to say, "You know in your heart whether it is false or not." Oh, besides these dead things, there are many living things. He must not have told you that he was married once. In the days when you were captured by the Huns, he hired Li Damselfly, the daughter of butcher Li on the North Street of Kyoto, as his wife. He raised his chin and motioned to his men to lead the witness out. Ouch! Ouch! Take it easy! It's killing people! Butcher Li was carried out like a pig by four bodyguards and thrown on the ground with a splat. This fellow was really too big to catch, so he ran away as soon as he was free. Looked up at Murong Yu's red umbrella, frightened suddenly a shiver, immediately cry out: "Ah ah ha-son-in-law quickly save the father-in-law is a-" The voice was so loud that it could howl even more than abstaining from food. Murong Yu heard upset, an iron hand in the past: "Shut up.". The king won't kill you, but you have to tell the truth and tell my princess if Xiao has ever been married to your girl. "Yes!"! Yes! "" Butcher Li saw stars in his eyes and pounded his head like garlic. "When General Xiao didn't return to Beijing, the old man made a marriage with me.". My daughter was born beautiful and virtuous, diligent and thrifty,cordierite c520, and managed the household. Many people came to beg me, but I was not willing to give up. For the sake of the benefits promised by the old man Xiao, I reluctantly agreed to marry her. When General Xiao met the little girl on the opposite side of the street, he was clamoring to retire the next day. How could I defeat the power of the Duke's mansion when I killed a pig? Kankan was dismissed at fifty taels. The girl could not bear the humiliation of hanging herself, and I ended up drawing water with a bamboo basket in vain. Aha.. He took a tearful look at Wu Jiang and took out a piece of paper contract from his bosom, asking His Highness to get justice for himself. Murong Yu spread out to take a look and asked someone to shoot an arrow in front of Wu Jiang. The arrow was shot squarely in front of the horse, spread out by the wind, and written in block letters: ".." Special and Li butcher money silver 50, from now on Li damselfly and dog son Xiao Yan marriage is annulled, henceforth two families do not have anything to do with each other, must not go back on one's word. The inscription was impressively written with the word "Xiao Han" and stamped with a big stamp of the Duke's mansion. "With a wave of his sword, the thin paper fluttered away.". Tighten Wu Jiang and kiss her on the forehead. "Don't look. I'll explain to you later." Wu Jiang squinted, 10g Ozone Generator ,Kamado bbq grill, but had caught a glimpse of the four words "Hai Yue 29", which was the time when he entered Liang Du. "Your mother's coffin is in my hand now. If you don't listen, I can send it back at any time." - "Well.." It hurts! Xiao Dog, I'm afraid. Don't be afraid. I won't go in. I'll be right outside you. Tighten your legs and you'll be fine soon! If I tell half a lie to a girl who murdered her husband and abandoned her, or abandon her, I would like to be pierced by ten thousand arrows, thunderstruck and broken.. The son has no grandson. "The butcher on the other side was still muttering, and his mind was in a state of confusion. One moment he was trembling against the wall, and his breath mingled with his breath. One moment he raised his hand to swear, and he was in high spirits and full of heroism." It doesn't matter. There's no need to explain. Wu Jiang bent the corners of his mouth to Xiao Wei, and his face was slightly pale. Xiao did not notice, moved to scratch her nose-good girl, these days did not hurt in vain, finally learned to believe in themselves. "General, this boy has a bunch of bags under his hands. Just kill a few brothers and destroy them in one breath!" The black bear glared at the opposite side. He narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the Han general beside Murong Yu: "It's a piece of cake to defeat more than a hundred with thirty enemies, but you have to take care of the hostages in his hands." "Opposite but." But the general. Perhaps hearing the familiar voice, the man shook his body with difficulty and raised his head. It turned out to be Zhang Huan. When he saw Xiao Huan on horseback, he grinned miserably and said, "General, go quickly.." Murong Yanshen broke the trace of the eagle, and we were all sold. "Oh!" As soon as the voice fell, an iron hand hit him hard in the face. Poof- "Zhang Yi, who was seriously injured, suddenly stumbled and fell to his knees shaking his long body.". Murong Yu shook his bloody hand: "Go?"? More than six hundred people in Baiqiupo didn't protect a coffin. Where else can you go with only twenty or thirty? This is where all of you belong today. "Rustling-" The soldiers under the mountain depression suddenly increased in darkness, and Prince Murong, dressed in a bright purple silk robe, slowly rode out from behind Murong Yu. He stayed outside the valley for many days, and finally found the path, and he was very proud. With a handsome nose and wicked facial features, he said with a sneer, "It's said that General Xiao runs the army rigorously and has deep affection for the officers and men. Why, a group of soldiers who have followed you through life and death are not as good as a little girl?"? To rob the beauty into the bosom, drag hundreds of brothers to death, tut, the end is really chilling ~ As he spoke, he patted Zhang's cheekbone with his scabbard. Zhang Yi spurted a mouthful of blood in pain and struggled to stand up with his elbow, but found that the bone of his left hand was also broken. A pair of oozing blood eyes in Wujiang body fixed, see the general embrace in her waist on the big hand, eyes quietly dim down. What a sinister Murong smoke! It's really not easy to deal with. Now dozens of brothers behind listening,ceramic bobbin heater, if abandoned Zhang Yi regardless, after that, the men must have a rift to WuJiang. global-ceramics.com