I try to calm down at the first time

  • After visiting this big room, I found that time really passed very slowly, because it was only 6:30 and it was only five hours before I arrived here. My benefactor obviously felt that I didn't have enough time to wait, so I haven't seen him yet. I believe that getting used to waiting is one of my compulsory courses in the future. This person may appear in the next second, may not appear, this kind of speculation and anxiety is really torturous. I leaned back in the big armchair and slowly poured red wine down my throat. It was the beginning of a luxurious life. I half squinted. If you can't control it, at least you can enjoy it. It was getting dark. "Miss Liu," said the butler's metallic voice. "It's time for you to go to bed." I opened my eyes and the housekeeper's face was expressionless. "You go to bed at nine o'clock every night and get up at eight in the morning." The lines at the corners of his mouth are really dazzling. I smiled kindly. "Can I go out?" "The driver hasn't arrived these two days. It's too unsafe for you to walk down the hill by yourself." In short, I was imprisoned, and like a puppy, my life schedule was completely regulated by my owner, "Is there a time limit for me to go to the toilet?" I dare not ask this, because I can guarantee that the result of my asking is that the toilet schedule will appear on my bedside at the first time. Miss Liu, this is the green tea you drink. Mr. Fei doesn't like the smell. Miss Liu, your appetite should be increased. Mr. Fei thinks you are a little thin. Miss Liu, you need to finish reading these books today. I will help you deepen your impression after you finish reading them. It's time for you to take a walk,steatite c221, Miss Liu.. Miss Liu. Every day, the requirements are increasing, and every minute, the rules are expanding. My most free time in a day is two hours after dinner. There are many exotic flowers and plants in the greenhouse of the Golden House, which make me linger. Because of the good habits I have developed since childhood, I diligently seek advice from the gardener. (The way to seek advice is to stare at it carefully.) After a few days,Ceramic Bobbin, I know that tulips should be watered with a bottle of fresh cold water every day, and flowers should be kept away from any direct radiation; Lily likes shade and is afraid of the sun, so it should be planted in a shady and sunny place and watered once every two or three days. I think I have more choices next time I change my profession. The gardener's surname is Hua, and it's easy for me to call him Hua Ding. Oh, and the housekeeper's surname is Guan, and I still call him the housekeeper. Of course, this is my name, because except for the housekeeper who has the function of recording pronunciation, everyone else seems to be a language barrier. There were five people in the villa, the housekeeper, Hua Ding, Fan Ma, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Band Heater, Sou Ma, and me. Of course, the driver still couldn't come, because there was someone waiting for me to go crazy and lose control or compromise. He wanted me to know that everything I had was attached to him, and that my purpose of survival was to rely on him and please him. Over the past week, my happy-go-lucky life has made the villa gradually restless, the housekeeper has been unable to hide his surprise, and the peeping eyes of others have become more and more restless. "Housekeeper, may I call Mr. Fei?" I said unexpectedly. Ah Finally see a crack in the perfect butler. Well-trained, he quickly returned to normal. He respectfully handed me his cell phone. "The phone is connected, Miss Liu." "Mr. Fei." My voice is still clear. Willow. The voice on the phone was full of authority. Can I see you today? I tried to get the tone to the top of the humble. I'm afraid not. You're not on my schedule today. Remember, you can only call me at 3 o'clock in the future. He hung up, leaving no room for words. A narrow-minded man, I stared at the phone quietly for a full minute. "Housekeeper, help me dial Mr. Fei's phone at 3 o'clock tomorrow." "Yes." The housekeeper bowed his head and retired. "Wait a minute," I looked at him thoughtfully. "And you prepare some ingredients that Mr. Fei likes to eat for me. I will cook tomorrow." I got up slowly. I should have a good sleep today. I'm afraid tomorrow will be very exciting. At three o'clock the next day, the phone was connected on time. "Mr. Fei, I have prepared roast mutton, fruit salad, wine, beef brisket pot, bamboo shoot soup, and a human doll. Could you please come tonight?" I am full of laughter. There was silence on the other side of the phone for a few minutes, bringing people's hearts to their throats. "I'll be there in the evening." A calm voice. I can imagine his indifferent expression, after all, the game is over too soon for him to be interesting at all. The candles went out one by one and were lit one by one. It was quite like an ancient harem. I was used to going to bed at 9 o'clock. I yawned and my eyelids drooped. I couldn't call to urge him. I don't know which red pillow Fei Shao was lingering around. I hope he doesn't come with perfume. That's really not good-looking. It seems that I came at a bad time today, and your spirit is not very good. A deep, skittish voice. I jumped up from my chair and opened my eyes wide. "Fei Rufeng!" I was surprised to forget the sense of propriety. Mr. Fei: I try to calm down at the first time. He fluttered a smile and waved the man next to him off. "You seem to have learned to miss me," he said, sliding his hand over my face in a typical pet gesture. I stood still, waiting for the monarch's inspection. His hands were cold. "Come here." His deep voice. He looked down at me as I obediently approached between his arms. His eyes did not move at all. "Open your mouth." " I forced a smile and looked at him. "Mr. Fei, I spent three hours to understand your taste and three hours to cook. Can you taste my sincerity before you enjoy the dessert?" My eyes are full of hope, his breath envelops my breath, I feel the air is unusually thin, 3 inches, 2 inches, "best your food is worth waiting for me." He sat down and I took a breath. "Next time I'll remember to get a first-class chef's certificate to enhance my persuasion." I said humorously. He graciously forked the brisket and I simmered it with red wine,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, which made it taste smooth, and the fragrance would linger in the throat. Sure enough, the tip of his eyebrows relaxed. "Your craft is good." He unbuttoned leisurely. "Where did you learn it?" 。 global-ceramics.com