They were startled and had not yet recovered

  • "Why hide it?" Passed a little while, the man also ignores Zheng Yu to be satirized, just speak again. Pick up a dish, unfortunately, ah, each side dish is authentic country flavor, but now no one tastes chopsticks. Sure enough, everything was delicious when she was hungry, and she was scared before, but now her stomach didn't cry out, which was enough to give her face. What about you? Why not expose it? These questions are not constructive at all. Didn't he think about it? It's inconvenient to walk in Jianghu. Besides, Mo Yiluo is very notorious. He took another sip of tea. "May I ask your name?" The man listens to this question, although hides very well, but too many doubts still leaked out from the fundus. Another long silence. None of the people in the inn dared to make a sound. They had all moved their knives just now. They were startled and had not yet recovered. Yao Guoer shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Patience is something she wants. This will be a leisurely and contented taste of the dishes on the table, completely unable to see that they are coming out of the edge of death. The man's magnetic voice finally broke the silence, word by word, slowly said, "Beitang-Jing Hao." Yao Guo'er was suddenly stuck in the throat by too much cellulose in the vegetables sent into his mouth. He coughed twice, drank a mouthful of tea, and swallowed all of them by the way. The eyeball slowly rolled around, intending to sort out the current situation. The woman finally could not bear it. She stared round her beautiful eyes and called out, "Brother Hao?!" No one cares. Liu Fei was taken aback. Beitang Jinghao-he should have thought that Zixiang Villa in the south and Luoying Villa in the southeast would go to Luanfeng Mountain, the gathering place of Sanzhuang. This small town is the only place to go. And the man in front of him has extraordinary momentum, extraordinary behavior and extraordinary appearance. Even the move just now shows his extraordinary skill. How many people in Jianghu can have such ability? He should have seen it coming. In this way, the person behind him is probably Luoying Villa Kuaijian Zheng Yu, no wonder it sounds familiar, for a while and a half, but did not expect. Secretly pinched a cold sweat,heavy duty cantilever racks, Zheng Yu is afraid to have reservations, otherwise this will see, only afraid is the young lady is the corpse. Beitang Childe does not make a move, no matter what his original intention is, should be to see through this. Otherwise, they are very sure of their own skills. The hand under the table trembled uncontrollably. I feel scared. What makes Liu Fei feel even more strange is the atmosphere on this table. If the young lady really loses her memory, I'm afraid everyone in the world knows it except the young lady herself. The young lady swears to marry Beitang Jinghao. Mo Yiluo swore to marry Beitang Jinghao. At the age of fifteen, the young lady is waiting to be married. Sixteen years old that year, I do not know why, the young lady went to Luoying Villa provocation, make people turn upside down. Perhaps it was the young lady's luck. At that time, all the people in the villa who could be named were not in the villa, but only one Beitang Jinghao was still able to easily control Miss Mo, who was highly skilled in martial arts. The young lady immediately made a bold statement that she would marry Beitang Childe. The whole world is laughing. Miss Laughter is daydreaming, Miss Laughter is shameless, warehouse storage racks ,asrs warehouse, Miss Laughter overreaches herself, Miss Laughing is whimsical. Heard that the sorceress Mo Yiluo, every two months for a period of time have a way to see Beitang Childe side, every time the first sentence of the opening, is "I want to marry you." It is said that every time Beitang Childe humiliated the witch of the Mo family, the first thing he said was "I won't marry you." This is just hearsay, the truth of the matter, no one knows. So already two years, the young lady did not marry, the north hall Jing Hao unexpectedly also did not marry. The whole world doesn't understand why the prince of Beitang doesn't marry. Every year, the matchmakers who go to Luoying Villa to talk about marriage-the daughters of officials, the ladies of rich families, and the chivalrous women of Jianghu line up, and it is estimated that they can go to Liuyun Villa in the north. There are all great beauties here. Beitang Jinghao, hearing the name again without warning, said it was impossible not to be surprised. After thinking about it, I was still stupefied. "By the way, Beitang Jinghao is going to get married. Aren't you going to congratulate him?" Your enemy. You said you were going to kill him. After thinking for a long time, I still couldn't figure out the intention of Nangongyi's words. However, Yao Guoer also did not expect, good son said thousands of sentences, but only did not tell her about the involvement of Mo Yiluo and Beitang Jinghao. This afternoon, the man read the word "Yao Mo" backwards, obviously knowing her identity. If she was implicated, he would not ride away at that time. But if there is no implication, Nangong Yi will not use this name to stimulate her. Why did he suddenly ride away in the afternoon? Why did he just sit back and do nothing? What is the meaning of the four words "Beitang Jinghao"? What is the relationship between him and Moyiluo? This is inextricably linked, cut constantly, the reason is also chaotic, Yao Guoer is completely confused, not a word of trouble? Although in the village has said "oneself" amnesia, but after so long entanglement, say amnesia is ignorance. The man must have seen something and let him figure it out by himself. Frowned, do not like to fight unprepared war, do not like the taste of things out of their own control. She is not omnipotent, the appearance of the name of Beitang Jinghao made her flinch, so what? She was impulsive just now. Oh It was in response to his answer. Then he stood up straight and looked at Liu Fei. "Liu Fei, it's really wrong to disturb the pleasure of Beitang Childe. Let's go." "The girl seems to have something to say." Beitang Jinghao apparently said his name after some thinking, and how could he let her go easily? For example, why do you show up here and pretend not to know? Beitang Childe, some words are clear- "or not stingy a smile," it's not fun. " When he stood up, he found that Zheng Yu's sword had been put away at an unknown time. Cut, the martial arts is great. Hearing this, Beitang Jinghao focused his eyes on her again. The candle flickered. Alas. How poetic and picturesque is this? But it seems that he is not going to ask any more, this man is really calm, but also very tolerant. As far as this point is concerned,mobile racking systems, Yao Guoer still gave him a high appraisal, which is really not simple. Then Beitang Childe, please help yourself. Don't hang up. 。