Zhao secretly poked at his waist

  • Town south king sat on the head, next to a stand with Changan his confidant for many years, the man called Liu man, is also a middle-aged uncle, looks ugly, can't bear the brain good, very town south king. Zhao Xu's brother and sister are also sitting at the bottom. Zhennan Wang hesitated, "this time Youzhou is also a signal, maybe the next target is our Zhennan Wang Fu." Confidant Liu Man back, "Wang Ye also need not worry too much, we and Youzhou in the end is different, after all, the court put the princess back, also calculate appease." Zhao Xu said, "appease?"? It's confusion! Zhao secretly poked at his waist, her brother's resentment is too big, this is not a good thing, accidentally can give people a handle. Zhao Xu curled his lips and stopped talking. The king of Zhennan saw their little actions and said nothing, but sometimes he was more calm than her brother. King of Zhennan: "Anyway, the target this time is not us. But it's easy to change after staying in Chang'an for a long time. Let's go back early." Liu Man's small eyes flashed. "That's the reason. Everything at the birthday banquet came out today. Maybe the weather will change in Chang'an soon." No one spoke for a moment, and they all knew that he was referring to the fact that the struggle between the prince and the king of Jin had reached a white-hot stage, and that the emperor was not in good health, so they could not say who would sit on the throne one day. The king of Zhennan thought for a moment. "The king will resign tomorrow and leave the day after tomorrow. However," he said,wire mesh decking, "the queen may look for you again." Zhao said, "It's all right. Anyway, it's not the first day to deal with each other. It won't delay things." Zhennan Wang's eyes were soft. "You've worked hard. Just go back." Zhao Xu simply reached out and took her shoulder, looking quite emotional, "I'm going home soon!" This night, Changan city is many people can't sleep. Chapter 15 "deceiving people" on the street. Before noon the next day, Zhao came out of the queen's palace. This morning, the king of Zhennan went to the palace to resign and brought back the queen's summons, so she had to rush to the palace. Queen Dugu knew that she would not stay long when she left tomorrow,industrial racking systems, so she said a few words and let her go back. Zhao walked out of the palace gate alone, recalling in his mind what the queen had just said to her. I'm leaving soon, and I know you've worked hard this year! "I hope you can live a good life when you go back." "I know you're smart and sensible. In fact, it's okay for the little girl to be spoiled. After all, she's been in front of me." …… Zhao believed that what Queen Dugu said was true, and that her love and shelter for herself were not false. But in the same way, if one day Zhennan Wangfu was in trouble, she would not really have any compassion for it. Sitting in that high position, both husband and wife, father and son, looked cool, not to mention that she was an outsider. She is also the same, she is also grateful to Queen Dugu, but her original identity and motivation decided that she could not treat her as an ordinary elder, first on the monarch and his subjects, and then on friendship. Approaching the gate of the palace, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,drive in racking system, Zhao looked back, and every time she left the palace for more than a year, she would be relieved, and at the same time more irritable. But for the last time, it would all be over when she walked out. She took a deep breath and couldn't help quickening her pace. Walking under the palace gate and passing by the guards, Zhao whispered in surprise, "Brother Yuwen?" Yuwen Chengdu, dressed as a guard commander, nodded to her, "Princess." Zhao in the heart dark sigh, or this cold appearance, no wonder can not embrace the beauty back! Yuwen Chengdu was followed by several guards, as if they had just come back from patrol. Thinking that he might never see him again tomorrow, Zhao Chong whispered, "Are you free now?"? Let's talk. Yuwen Chengdu turned back to the people behind him with an expressionless face and said, "You go to change the defense first." Then he turned to Zhao and said, "Let's go." He walked in front, followed by Zhao, is their inherent mode of getting along! Walking along the palace wall for a while, Yuwen Chengdu took the lead in stopping. As soon as Zhao looked around, it was a good place to talk: the empty wall, others could see and hear, the field of vision was wide, and there was no place around to listen to the corner. It's very thoughtful to ensure that you won't be overheard and gossip. Zhao stopped with satisfaction and saw him looking at her with a faint face. Yeah, this guy won't talk until you talk! Zhao cleared his throat, "I will go back to Ningshuo tomorrow." Still no expression. "Take care." She felt a lot of words were choked back, followed by his expressionless face, "you also take care." Both of them were silent for a moment, which made them a little embarrassed. Zhao had to stir up the topic again, did not return to the girls to take the initiative to open their mouths, very ungraceful! "I've been in Chang'an for so long. Thank you for your help." She said very solemnly, Yuwen Chengdu back also seriously, "you have thanked many times." Zhao shook his head and said to him with a smile, "You not only saved me, but also taught me martial arts. There is a saying that you don't thank me for your kindness. Anyway, if I can help you in the future, just open your mouth." Yuwen Chengdu slightly pulled up the corners of the mouth, people who do not often smile are not good-looking, and even appear a little stiff, but Zhao believes that this smile is a temperature. I remember. Again, take care. Zhao also said seriously, "then I will say one word, think more about myself." Don't pay any attention to your awful relatives! The smile in his eyes became more and more obvious, but he did not promise her. Zhao Hen Tie Bugang took one look at him, turned around and left, walked a few steps and ran back to say, "Yuwen eldest brother is not I said, you are also this cold and hard attitude to Yuxin elder sister?"? You can't catch up with a girl like this. You should reflect on yourself. Said to see Yuwen Chengdu slightly twisted face, did not wait for him to open his mouth to run. In fact, she has always wanted to say, but she is "gentle and quiet" Princess Zhao, ah, how can you ask such a question? There is no such trouble now,heavy duty metal racks, anyway, she will leave tomorrow, whether he is surprised or not! He trotted all the way out of the palace gate until he got into his own carriage. It was interesting to think of Yuwen Chengdu's surprised and angry face just now. jracking.com