The queen of cheating

  • "Don't hurt him." Said the fire butterfly hurriedly. You big bad guys, I'm going to kill you. Threatening words from the little cute mouth, some soft, people do not feel any threat, but can not help but want to laugh, is really a naive guy, with him, they casually pinch like a dead ant, even the most basic self-protection will not be the guy, but also dare to speak wildly. Bei Gong Hao and Aoyama looked at each other with the same evil light in their eyes. Very well, this boy is very short of lessons. Don't worry! We will never do anything to him. You go to take a bath and clean up first. We will have a spiritual communication with him. With a strange smile, the two men drove the naked Longyu out. They won't do anything to him! The fire butterfly said with some unease. Don't worry! If you're worried, I'll go and watch. Gu Lanyue found a set of clothes to wear from the bundle and held them in his hand, so that he could not keep his buttocks naked all the time! Although he still wondered how that scheming fellow could have turned into a little sheep or even a fool overnight. Wait for me, I'll stay with you! Qi Tianao then shouted, "What's wrong with wwàp?" ①⑥k. Said two people also share hardships, there is no reason not to look at the concern, although the current relationship between the two is a rival in love, said also ran out. After several people left, the cave returned to calm, quiet can only hear the breathing of two people, the fire butterfly turned his head, see is the charm of the hidden fire eyes. Charm, are you angry? "No!" The voice is a little stuffy to answer, the fire butterfly is a little speechless,warehousing storage solutions, still dare to say no, just a few people shouted the loudest is him, and still in her ear, to now she still has a burst of tinnitus. Volume 2 Jianghu Robbery Chapter 40 Snake Demon Fighting "Charm, are you angry?" "No!" The voice is a little stuffy to answer, the fire butterfly is a little speechless, still dare to say no, just a few people shouted the loudest is him, and still in her ear,push back racking system, to now she still has a burst of tinnitus. Charm, you are not honest, oh, also said no, face so ugly, you are jealous ah! Fire butterfly said with a smile, then saw the charm of deep Jiong's eyes looking at her tightly. Oh, my god! Why don't I mention which pot? Idiot! Fire butterfly heart secretly scolded his idiot, showing an embarrassed smile, hurriedly changed the subject to say ingratiatingly. Charm, I'm really uncomfortable now. I want to take a bath. Can you hold me? Alas, go to bed with another man, and then let another man take a bath, this kind of thing also thanks to her to do, fire butterfly heart felt a burst of guilt, she is not too much. The charm just looked at her deeply for a long time, just when she thought he would refuse. Well, never mind, mobile racking systems ,cantilever racking system, I'll go by myself.. "Uh.." The words did not finish, suddenly the body left the ground, was hit by the horizontal pick up. For a moment, the fire butterfly raised her head and looked at him. At this moment, she could not see through his thoughts at all. She did not squint at the front and walked slowly forward. It was still the expression of the one thousand and one. Her face was expressionless, but I don't know why the fire butterfly clearly saw the pain and helplessness in his heart. Now no matter what to continue to say is superfluous, gently put her head on his shoulder, two hands around his neck, this quiet let her feel particularly reassuring, slowly closed her eyes, feeling a sense of tiredness in her heart. When the charm came to the lake, he found that the fire butterfly had fallen asleep on his shoulder, with a deep sense of tiredness on his face. Not having the heart to wake her up, he took off his black robe and picked her up and walked into the lake, making her more comfortable against himself and massaging her sore muscles. Clear lake water flows from the fingertips, two people sit naked in the lake, the eyes of the charm become dark, warm lips printed on her purple body, the sleeping fire butterfly opens some confused eyes, see the handsome face of the charm, showing a comfortable and dreamy smile. Charm, you haven't rested yet! Then he tilted his head and fell asleep again. The charm hesitated for a moment, looked at her deeply, and laughed in a spoiled way. At this time, the butterfly is less vigorous during the day, more delicate, people want to spoil her more, the original did not wake up the butterfly is so lovely. At the same time, I also felt the change of my body. I could not help shaking my head and smiling bitterly. My beloved heart was naked in my arms, but I could not do anything. Is there anything more miserable than this in the world? Bad, can't think any more, go on like this, the butterfly must be sick, hurriedly help her to wipe the body clean, at the same time do not forget to help the fire butterfly to clean up the body fluid. When everything was cleaned up and the two men went ashore, the sun had already set, and the charm looked at his own Fen Shen, who was a pillar of the sky, and could not help sighing again, which was really a sweet torture. It took some time to put on all their clothes, but they found that the body they had just cleaned was already sweating all over, and they were about to pick up the fire butterfly and go back to the cave. It was estimated that they should be in a hurry! But wonder why none of them would come looking for it? Charm heart can not help but have some doubts, and at this time a scream came, charm hurriedly raised his head, found that the fire butterfly also opened his eyes, looking at him, something happened. What's wrong? Who is shouting? Asked the fire butterfly. The voice seemed to be that woman, maybe Gu Lanyue took it out on her again! Charm said comfortingly, but at the same time also understand that this possibility is very small, because of the shrill degree of the cry, even the birds and animals in the mountains are scrambling, but the fire butterfly understand that these crazy running birds and animals are definitely not because of that cry. There must be something more terrible to appear like this, and the fire butterfly moved in her heart. What time is it now, and where are they? "The sun has just set." "Why have we been out so long? The men are so quiet. Oh, something must have happened." "Don't worry. Maybe they're just sleepy and tired. Let's go back and have a look first." The charm comforted,shuttle rack system, but at the same time there was a bad feeling in his heart, and when he came to the mouth of the cave, he subconsciously protected the butterfly behind him.