The starry sky of Asia

  • Chen Haoyu did not expect these situations. He simply expressed his love for girlhood, believing that they were irreplaceable in his heart. He never thought that the upload of a short song would trigger such a heated discussion. But this is good, at least the girls do not have to be in the forefront of the storm, in the face of those meaningless accusations. S. M company, Lee Soo-man's office. Chen Haoyu stood in front of Li Xiuman, burying his head low, not knowing why Li Xiuman had called him. Li Xiuman's fingers tapped gently on the desktop, and the song playing in the computer was Chen Haoyu's previously uploaded "Nothing _ better". Li Xiuman has a headache. Since the company was founded, he has never met such a worry-free artist as Chen Haoyu. Said he ignored the company's rules, he did not seem to do anything excessive, just uploaded a song, more words did not say a word. However, after two years of getting along with each other and knowing his mother before, Li Xiuman knew very well that Chen Haoyu was the kind of person who was very stubborn in his bones. Although he often had a harmless smile on his face, someone touched his bottom line, and he would not hesitate to choose to fight back, even if he was black and blue. At the beginning,warehouse pallet racks, he was so brave to fight with two gangsters in order to help a girl he didn't know. Now someone has hurt his girlhood. He regards this as a combination of family members. It seems very natural to do such things. On the other hand, his talent is amazing, whether it is his appearance or singing skills, including the creative talent he burst out in this incident, which makes people have to look at him. It can be seen that he poured all his feelings into the song "Nothing _ better". If it hadn't been for the criticism of his girlhood, I'm afraid he couldn't have written such a song. Li Xiuman didn't know whether to be happy or distressed. Haoyu,shuttle rack system, I won't say anything else. I hope you will remember what I said and keep silent in this incident. Li Xiuman pondered for a moment and said slowly. Chen Haoyu glanced up at Li Xiuman and nodded. I watched these girls grow up. I have no less feelings for them than you. You have to believe in me and the company. Lee Soo-man paused and continued, "The song Nothing _ better is very good. The company is going to let you make an EP. Do you have any comments?" Out of EP, this is not the result that Chen Haoyu wants, if so, what is the difference between him and those black girls. He doesn't want his support for them to be stale, making people feel that he is taking the opportunity to hype, and friendship can't be stained with commercial flavor. Chen Haoyu shook his head and said, "I'm very grateful to the company for such consideration, but I don't want to make an EP." With that, he looked up at Li Xiuman and said, "Uncle Li, this song can't be used to make money. I don't agree." "Why?" Li Xiuman looked at Chen Haoyu calmly and asked. Uncle Li, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, I won't hide it from you. This song, like Beautiful _ Girls, was created because of them. I don't want my feelings for them to change because of other factors. Chen Haoyu stuck to his own opinion and said firmly. Sure enough, when several directors of the company put forward such a proposal, Li Xiuman felt that it was not feasible, at least in the current situation, with his understanding of Chen Haoyu, he could not agree, so Li Xiuman did not feel a little disappointed, but felt that his vision was very accurate. How about a full version of the digital single, put it on the Internet for free download? Li Xiuman asked again. As long as it is not used to make money, Chen Haoyu can not always oppose the company's opinion, he nodded and agreed to Li Xiuman's second proposal. Out of Li Xiuman's office, Chen Haoyu is not happy at all. All his thoughts are occupied by young girls. Whether now or in the future, I will accompany you all the way on this thorny road. [Text Chapter 198 Tearful Taeyeon] Company, dormitory, Chen Haoyu's mood has been very low, he made a cup of strong bitter coffee, mercilessly drank a mouthful, and then looked out of the window familiar and strange city. It's been a whole day, and I don't know how the girls are. I want to make a phone call, but I'm afraid the words won't express my meaning. Third brother, come and play live! Cui Minhao connected the power of the game machine and turned to invite Chen Haoyu. Is really no mind, but can not bear to refuse the kindness of Min-ho. Chen Haoyu gulped down the remaining coffee in his cup and sat down in front of the TV with Cui Minhao. A fiasco, a fiasco like never before! In three consecutive games, the team controlled by Chen Haoyu lost to Cui Minhao by a big score, which was unimaginable in the past. Although his actual strength was not invincible among the members, he lost by a big score in three consecutive games, which only showed that his condition was too bad. Forget it. You can play. I'll rest for a while. Chen Haoyu put down the handle and patted Cui Minhao on the shoulder and said. Third brother, you are not going to create a new song behind our backs again, and then give everyone a great surprise! Cui Minhao tried to joke with Chen Haoyu, hoping that he would be happier. Chen Haoyu turned his head and smiled at Cui Minhao. He walked to the computer desk without a word and put on his headphones. Everybody looks at Chen Haoyu's action to be very worried, these days he is paying attention to the argument on the network all the time, therefore can be so listless. Li Zhenji quietly walked behind Chen Haoyu and saw the web page he opened, which was a relief. Haoyu is listening to the radio program hosted by sister Taeyeon. After the reconnaissance, Li Zhenji shared the information with the members. Hello, Taeyeon's close friend, here we go. After a familiar opening music,industrial racking systems, the familiar and friendly greeting came from the headphones. "Taeyeon's close friends" is a video radio program under MBC. At this stage, there are two hosts, Kim Taeyeon from girls' generation and Kangin from Super _ Junoir.