When the silver sè giant heard this

  • "Your Excellency is the Han Daoyou who went to the Demon World to slay the mother of the borer. What a coincidence!". Yinmou has long heard of the name of Daoyou. When the silver sè giant heard this, there was a flash of surprise on his face, but he immediately pinched it with one hand, and his body quickly shrank. In a moment, he turned into a big man with silver skin about the same size as Han Li. Brother Yin, I'm flattered. It's just a coincidence that I can slay the mother of the borer. It is the name of the family of young bogey that has long been heard by me. The transformation of Daoyou just now is the body of the famous creation of the Yaoji clan. As expected, its power is unfathomable. Han Li smiled and said politely. The Yaoji Clan is also a famous race on the Fengyuan Continent. Although there are not too many Yaoji Clans, all of them are shocked, and the speed of practice is far faster than that of other ordinary races. If they can practice to a high level that can display the body of creation, their strength can be doubled in an instant. Therefore, the Yaoji Clan is known as one of the four secret clans in the mainland of Fengyuan, and its high-level existence rarely appears before entering. Han Li was greatly surprised and surprised to meet a Mahayana Yaoji Clan here. Hey, Han Daoyou is so modest. The inner alchemy of the tortoise beast I met on the road just now was quite useful to me, so I had to turn around and chase it all the way here. "Now that I've met you here, we might as well go together." Yin Gangzi said with a sound. Invited by friends of the Silver Road, Han naturally has no reason not to follow. Han Li yawned, but he didn't mean to refuse. Haha, brother Han is so straightforward. Then I'll be on my way. You and I are on the way to discuss the matter of the blood sacrifice immortal. Mingzun, the old man, sent me a very simple message at the beginning. I don't know what you know. Yin Gangzi looked very happy when he heard this. I met Mingzun Daoyou at the beginning,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, but I really knew some news. If Daoyou wants to know, Han will naturally tell the truth. Han Li smiled and said without thinking. Thank you in advance. I have a Bibo car here. Let's take it together. When Yin Gangzi heard this, he was overjoyed to reply. Then he saw him open his mouth and spray. After a stream of green rays rolled out, they fluctuated together in the sky. Suddenly, a green flying car about thirty feet long appeared in the air. The flying car is triangular in shape. The surface is carved with jade, and the whole body emits a faint fragrance. In front of and behind the car, there are four silver armor puppets standing there motionless. Han Li also did not take off what to refuse, the body shape moves,Chinese spa manufacturer, with the silver Gang son to the car as soon as floats away. Moments later, the green flying car broke into the air, turned into a group of green light into the black and green wasteland, and then a few flashes, disappeared directly in the edge of the dead. Half an hour later, in the center of the place of singing, in a dark sea of wind, the green flying car was moving fast against the strong wind. Suddenly, the black wind in front of him suddenly faded, and a strange place appeared out of thin air. I saw in front of the empty race from thousands of feet high suddenly divided into two, into black and white two s sè. The lower half is still the world of black sè wind and sea, while the upper half is a white light curtain, in which there are countless huge stones of different sizes suspended out of thin air. These huge stones, small but the size of the house, whirlpool hot tub ,american hot tub, the big is like a huge mountain island, above some hidden halls, towers and other buildings. "This is a premature death, and it's really interesting." Han Li, standing at the front of the green flying car, looked at the scene in the sky and said in amazement. There is something strange here! It is said that this place was once a forbidden place for a big clan in ancient times, but something happened later. Not only did this clan disappear out of thin air for no reason, but it also spewed out a thick evil spirit from the ground, which made it completely lifeless. Next to Han Li, the silver Gangzi shook his head and said. In the previous time, Han Li and its in the flying car after a conversation, but get along well, quite like old friends at first sight. Can let the whole race all disappear, it seems that this clan at that time provoked what irresistible premature disaster, if the disaster, I am afraid can not let a clan disappear silently. When Han Li heard this, his eyes flashed. Hey, maybe so. "Why, it seems that someone from the business alliance has come to greet us." After the silver Gangzi Hei Hei, he said softly. I saw a flash of inspiration in the light curtain above, and a white s sè flying boat came down through the hole and went straight to the flying car where Erjin was. After Han Li and Yin Gangzi looked at each other, they naturally stood still at the front of the flying car and waited. And the flying car under them stopped silently in the wind. Moments later, the white sè flying boat flashed to the front and stopped at the edge of the flying car. A man in a blue sè robe on the boat, his eyes swept Han Li and Yin Gangzi on the flying car, a trace of sè flashed on his face, but he dared not neglect and bowed hurriedly, saying: "But Han Li, the elder of the clan, and Yin Gangzi, the elder of the Yaoji clan, and the younger generation, in the name of Mingzun Dajin, came to welcome the two elders into Yaowaiyao." Do you recognize me? It seems that Ming Daoyou has told you the younger generation all about our appearance. In that case, lead the way. Yin Gangzi ordered with an expressionless face. Han Li looked noncommittal. Yes, two seniors, please come with us. Blue-robed man naturally did not dare to disobey, respectfully back to the road, then the flying boat after a U-turn, immediately in front of the lead up. The green flying car, urged by the silver gang, followed slowly and never left. After a cup of tea, the green flying car finally fell down on a floating boulder several miles in size. On this huge stone, there was a huge hall of R R white s s è, and at the door stood two rows of heavily armed Shang Meng soldiers. As soon as Yin Gang collected the flying car, he and Han Li walked grandly into the hall. The soldiers did not squint at each other and did not mean to come forward to interrogate or block them. As a result, when Han Lier entered the gate of the hall and passed through a short corridor,outdoor whirlpool tub, he saw Mingzun, the head of the business alliance, in a huge hall more than ten feet high. monalisa.com