Think about how to promise me 4

  • Ruan Ruan: "..." Is it her they're talking about? After Liao Qisheng took Ruan Ruan upstairs, there was a discussion downstairs. Several girls pulled Wei Ran out of his office and surrounded him and asked, "Who was that just now?" Wei ran thought that his boss was deliberately ah, deliberately with the girl to let the people in the company see. His boss is now more and more afraid of being gossiped about, and there is always a feeling that he is eager for others to gossip about him. Just like now, he is eager for others to talk about him behind his back. Finally, he is not a single dog. Finally, a girl wants him. What kind of person is this, as for falling in love? As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had never been in love in my life. It was not easy to fall in love. Look, he was showing off. Wei ran was surrounded by several women in the middle, patiently answering their doubts: "Yes, it's my girlfriend. I took all the wedding photos years ago. I guess I'm waiting for graduation and marriage." "Can you get married without graduation?"? That may wait until the age of consent. "The legal age of marriage is graduation?"? What are you talking about? "What are you sad about?"? Am I still single for you? "I don't have General Liao?"? Your little sister's eyes are not very good. …… Ruan Ruan sat on the arc sofa, holding the milk tea and sucking the pearls inside one by one. It took a long time to get here from school, and the milk tea was not hot, warm, and silky in the mouth. Liao Qisheng is busy with the matter at hand, let her sit for a while, Ruan soft then sat on the sofa quietly drinking milk tea and playing mobile phone. Her attention is easy to concentrate, but Liao Qisheng is not so easy. Eyes on the computer screen but stay for a moment,Magnesium Sulphate producer, unconsciously looked at Ruan soft body. Watching her sitting on the sofa drinking milk tea, her light pink loose sweater made her whole body very pink. The straw on the lid of the milk tea was held between her lips, and the black pearls slipped into her mouth one by one. His heart became restless, and his eyes were mixed with water vapor. Ruan Ruan realized that when he looked at himself, he had already drunk most of the milk tea. She looked up and met his eyes, hurriedly withdrew, silently put the milk tea on the irregular household tea table in front of her, then looked at him again,Magnesium Sulphate producer, holding the mobile phone in her hand and putting it on her thigh, "You ask." Liao Qisheng knew that she had so easily agreed to come to the company to find him because she had done something guilty, otherwise she would not come. He read the draft and took it seriously, which would not have any bad influence on him. But Wei ran knew that he didn't like this kind of thing, so he solved it directly according to the conventional method. He knows all about the follow-up now. Although I know, I still want to hear her say it again. So he came straight to the point: "Did you write that article in the school newspaper?" "Mmm." Ruan nodded softly and lowered his voice, "I'm sorry, I made it up." Liao Qisheng looked at her with a very good appearance, and his heart could not help itching badly. He put up with it and continued to ask, "Have you been punished?" Ruan shook his head softly and his voice was even lower. "Yesterday, I was called to the office by Mr. Wang, the assistant principal." I called you. Speaking of that phone call is very awkward, Liao Qisheng covers the forehead, then puts down the hand, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Sulphate price, continues to ask calmly. After asking, he waved to Ruan, "Come here." Ruan Ruan did not know what she meant, stood up from the sofa and went from his desk. The movement is very slow, she is a little do not want to go, and feel that they have used Liao Qisheng, embarrassed in front of him again. Walking to Liao Qisheng's desk, she stopped and looked at him: "What are you doing?" "Come a little more." Liao Qisheng looked at her. Ruan Ruan continued to go around a corner, walked to the desk, and stopped walking. After she stood still, Liao Qisheng suddenly stood up from his chair, blocked in front of her, raised his hand and flicked it on her forehead, "promising, playing Wei Ran round and round, and daring to use me." "Ah.." Ruan gave a soft cry, raised his hand to cover his forehead, raised his eyelids to look at him, "what do you want." "Pain?"? I didn't push hard. Remembering that she had said she was afraid of pain, he raised his hand and took it away from her and rubbed it gently on her forehead. Rub over and look at her: "Be my girlfriend.". ” Ruan Ruan instinctively stepped back, "I haven't decided yet." There were still a lot of things she wasn't sure about, she didn't know if she was taking a risk, she didn't know what her life would be like after she agreed. More do not know, will there be a future, will there be a future. At the thought of not knowing what would happen after the promise, I was very uncertain. Liao Qisheng raised his wrist, glanced at the watch on his wrist, and whispered, "It's seven o'clock now. There are still five hours to twelve o'clock in the morning. I'll give you the last five hours to think about it." After the last five hours of thinking, if I refuse, you.. Stop pestering me? Ruan Ruan looked up at him and asked. He shook his head. "You can't refuse." Ruan Ruan: "..." What are you thinking about? Liao Qisheng looked at the expression on her face and held back a smile at the corners of his mouth. "." Ruan Ruan: "..." Chapter 58 Ruan Ruan sat on the sofa, staring at the top of the mobile phone screen, jumping minute by minute, and the battery power was getting lower and lower. She and Liao Qisheng were the only two people in the office. The sky outside the landing window was dark, the lights between the buildings were dense, and the colored light and shadow were interwoven and flashing. She looked at her cell phone, at the dazzling light and shadow on the window glass, and at Liao Qisheng. Time seems to turn into fine sand in the hourglass, falling down, and the sound of fine sand falling on the sand pile seems to be in the ear. In five hours, if you wait like this, you can look like half a century. Ruan Ruan did not know what medicine Liao Qisheng sold in the gourd, why must let her consider five hours to zero, but also not allowed to go back to consider, must be considered in his office. And you're not allowed to think about the end in advance, and you're not allowed to refuse. If he hadn't been used in the school newspaper and had something in his hands,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, she would have run away. The mobile phone "beeps", the battery is below 20%, and the battery logo turns red.