Super Soldier King 1

  • Ye Qian slightly curled his mouth, but he really didn't know what to say. Liang Yan smiled and said, "Don't look at me like that. What's wrong?"? You didn't think I was going to kill myself, did you? I won't be so unpromising. Women don't have to have men. They can still live well without men. Now women hold up half the sky. Yeah, yeah, who dares to look down on a woman? I'm the first one who doesn't want to. Ye Qian smiled and said. Ok, it's getting late. I should go back. I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Su Wei stood up as she spoke. Don't go back so late. Stay here. In other words, I have something to whisper to you. Ye Qian smiled and said. Su Wei slightly a Leng, then a red face, where will not understand the meaning of Ye Qian's words ah, however, the heart is some secretly pleased. And Ye Qian separated for such a long time, after this meeting has been busy with all kinds of things, really did not get together with Ye Qian, Su Wei is a woman, but she is also a person also need it. Eat the marrow to know the taste, since there was such a time in Macau, Su Wei's heart will always be unable to control those things. However, think of Liang Yan also here, Su Wei is a little afraid of inconvenience, so, some hesitant. Liang Yan obviously saw Su Wei's mind, smiled slightly, stood up and said: "I should also sleep,Magnesium Oxide price, you talk slowly, remember not too loud, otherwise, I can kick your door ah.". With that, Liang Yan walked toward her bedroom. Seeing Liang Yan leave, Su Wei smiled and jumped up. She put her hands around Ye Qian's neck and said, I'm you tonight. You can do whatever you want. Is it? Hey, I'm afraid you can't handle it. I've been holding it for a long time, and I'm very angry. Ye Qian smiled,Magnesium Oxide price, picked up Su Wei and walked upstairs to the bedroom. The next morning, Liang Yan walked out of the bedroom with a pair of red eyes, and Ye Qian and Su Wei just walked down from upstairs. Seeing Liang Yan's red eyes, Su Wei asked curiously, What's wrong? Sister Yan, did you cry last night? White Su Wei one eye, Liang Yan said: "Your voice is too loud, the whole villa can be heard, how do you let people sleep?"? I suspect that people on the street outside can hear it. Ye Qian Hei Hei smiled and did not make any expression, but Su Wei was ashamed to lower her head. As everyone got up almost the same, breakfast naturally no one did, went out to eat breakfast together, then went their separate ways to do their own things. Ye Qian looked at the time is still early, first walked around, and then went to yesterday to book the hotel room. When Ye Qian arrived, Wang Mingshu had already arrived and was sitting in the private room. Seeing Ye Qian, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Wang Mingshu stood up hurriedly and shouted, Mr. Ye! With a slight nod, Ye Qian said, Sit down and don't be so restrained. Haven't Zhou Zhengping and Long Si come yet? It's still early. We're early. We should still be on our way. Wang Mingshu said. Uh! Ye Qian answered and then said, How is it going? Is there anything in the Tiandao League? When will you officially succeed to the throne? Now we are preparing for the preliminary work, and the succession ceremony will be officially held in three days. Wang Mingshu said. That's good. If you settle things down early, you won't be afraid of any changes. Ye Qian said, at the beginning, your action is not too big, or to stabilize the internal as the main line, and then slowly step by step to cultivate their own cronies. Remember, what I need is complete centralization, that is to say, the Tiandao Alliance becomes your right to speak, and the opinions of other people can only be used as a reference, but can not affect your decision, do you understand what I mean? I see. Don't worry, Mr. Ye. I know what to do. Wang Mingshu said. Satisfied nodded, Ye Qian said: "I also believe you can do very well, you are a wise man, follow me, the future will be greater.". A successful person can not just put their eyes on the present, look farther, the future is the most important, all efforts today, are the future achievements of greater undertakings. But then again, don't be too hard on yourself. It's right to give the younger brothers benefits, but you should live a decent life. Otherwise, you will lose face, won't you. Uh! Wang Mingshu nodded and answered. Ye Qian raised his hand to look at the time on his watch and said, "It's almost time. We should be here.". As soon as the voice fell, the door of the private room was pushed open, and Long Si came in slowly, followed by several younger brothers. Long Si glanced inside, saw Wang Mingshu slightly stupefied, then waved to his men, let them go out and wait. Ye Qian smiled, stood up, pulled out the chair for Long Si, and said, Fourth Master is really punctual. Come and sit down! Long Si was not polite either. He sat down grandly. He turned to look at Ye Qian and said, I didn't expect Mr. Wang to be here. Mr. Ye asked us to come over. Is there anything to talk about? ~ Novel Txt, Tang Chapter 1224 a glib tongue (1). Long Si's expression is still not very good. It is estimated that it is because of his own woman. After all, as the boss of the United Bamboo Gang, he was cuckolded by his own woman. Moreover, it was his adopted son who did it. This is a bit unacceptable and a little depressed. This is spread to Jianghu. How can he gain a foothold in Jianghu in the future? Although now Qi Dong is dead, the woman has been severely taught a lesson by himself and sent to hell, but the two closest people betrayed themselves, which can be imagined the harm ah. Ye Qian also understands the mood of the dragon four, so the indifferent expression of C did not feel any mood unhappy, human nature, Ye Qian can understand. With a slight smile, Ye Qian said,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, "Fourth Master, don't worry. There is still one person who hasn't come yet. Please wait a little longer.". Fourth Master, why don't you have a drink first.