Infinite Final Demon 01

  • There is still time to discuss after getting an S-level branch line. Now, we should try our best to grasp all the resources that can be used. Floraki has been able to play the ability of the angel body, but the real battle is not about attributes and utilization. It's more about how to choose the most appropriate tactics in front of different enemies, which requires a long period of experience in the face of different kinds of enemies. Flora's battlefield has been fierce enough, but the world of reincarnation, especially the battlefield of regimental warfare, is absolutely more unexpected, because no one knows what kind of special abilities she will encounter. Unless you have the omniscience and omnipotence to find out the details of the enemy early, even Xiao LAN dare to say that he is absolutely invincible. So need experience, so need to experience, become no matter what the situation will be able to survive the real strong! Happen to Xiao LAN has the ability to create this opportunity. Nightmare Mirror once again ushered in a new tester, but into which Flora is not to spend those meaningless plots, she does not need to experience the killing atmosphere of the battlefield, Xiao Lan is arranged for her in a variety of environments of various types of enemies: master the curse of blood damage sharing vampires, as a hunter in the dark forest of the Iron-blooded Warrior. The immortal Jason who kills people invisibly by the quiet lake, the witch who masters a lot of magic and has a reverse lightsaber, the swordsman who specializes in the way of swords, the cultivator who has different abilities at all levels, the king of no life with the river of death, Kuchulin with the spear of death thorns, Dilumudo with two guns and two swords.. And so on. The characters in the memory are reproduced in the dream, especially with special fighting methods and fighting abilities. One by one,warehouse storage racks, as enemies, they fight with Flora in the shallow dream. Repeating the process of killing and being killed makes her understand the fighting rules of the main God space in the most profound way. The unknown is the real danger. Before confirming the enemy's ultimate means. No matter what, we must not be careless. This process is almost torture for the participants, but Xiao LAN has no intention of pity here, but by his choice of Flora body to understand this will, a moment of retreat may lead to the future even regret is too late. Completely without any intention of admitting defeat, she survived the experience without bowing her head, but even though she was full of iron blood and murderous intent. The brilliance of her soul is still pure without any distortion, which just shows that Xiao Lan did not choose the wrong person from the beginning. And after this trip to purgatory, it's time to rest, watch all those movies in a very full dream, heavy duty cantilever racks ,radio shuttle racking, and even have the opportunity to cultivate the sentiment of enjoying music and play. Flora was at a loss at first because of her too comfortable self-cultivation, but when she faded her murderous intention and iron-blooded breath, what she deposited was that no matter what happened, she could be calm. Although she had not yet turned her true self into a materialized miracle, the power of faith in her hands had been condensed with her will and was almost equal to a miracle. It's incredible to reach this point with a break between plots, but in the hands of the magic man who has mastered dreams and time, it's exactly true. But after all this was done, Flora was greeted with a vacillating emptiness, and the result was a vengeful effort to spend all her energy on completing all her thinking and research work in a dream, and returning to reality with the same idle Xiao Lan. Men and women who have put aside the rest of their chores naturally devote the rest of their time to things that can only be done in the real world. “…… I want to have a baby. Angels and Demons. Flora's wish is really interesting, and it does make sense to do it. In this way, the remaining time in the real world passed slowly in the intense lingering, until the last day of the new plot came, and everyone came to the main God Square. "In thirty seconds, enter the pillar of light, transfer the target lock, and the ring begins to transmit.." PS: Thanks for the reward: One person's starry world, angry blood dragon, cloud and moon dream, fight to the death, and Www. XiaoshUotxt. COm in the dark. Chapter 571 The Change of Law: Subverting the Other Realm of Common Sense The spirits of the world cast three precepts, The Seven Commandments of the Dwarves, Longevity determines that ordinary people keep the nine precepts. The realm of Mordor, The king is sitting on the Supreme Ring. Supreme precepts, control all precepts; The Supreme Commandment, the Commandments of Seeking All, The Lord of the Rings leads all the Rings, In that darkness of the commandment, Shadow of Mordor. The whole story of the Lord of the Rings revolves around a total of nineteen rings and one ring. It all began with the casting of the Ring. The elves get three rings. They are immortal and the wisest and fairest race. The rings give them the power to control the elements and maintain the beautiful scenery in their territory, so that the elves'people's homes are no longer eroded by the years; The Dwarves were given seven Rings of Power. They were very good at digging mines and were skilled craftsmen in the underground. The Rings of Power became very keen on digging and conserving wealth, and accumulated a large number of wealth and treasures; The human race has received nine magic rings. They are more eager for power than anyone else. The magic rings give them the eternal life they dream of; In addition, each Ring has the power to rule over each race, allowing their race to prosper for a time-but they have been deceived. Because another ring was cast, in the flames of Mount Doom of Modo, the Dark Lord secretly cast a ring to control everything, in which he injected his evil, cruelty,asrs warehouse, and the horror of dominating the world, that is, ruling everything.. The One Ring.