Holy Gate Ice Flame 1

  • Amid the roar of laughter from the generals of the Song army, the big fellow rolled and crawled back to the array, crying: "They ignored the rules of Jianghu and refused to fight alone with the Qin brothers." Ma Xiaowei said, "The strategist left three strategies to defeat the enemy. The first one is to kill the general alone, and then the army will win. It seems that there is no need.". I didn't expect the enemy to be so cunning. Let's look at the second clever plan. Yoshizhen opened the second bag of tricks and whispered a few orders to the drying pole. The short boy shouted to the left, "The left wing army starts!" General Yang Jiuyang heard the shouts and pulled out the waist knife to kill the pig. More than a hundred fishing gang hoodlums led a group of bulls to push forward slowly. Dozens of bulls were tied with sharp bamboo on both horns, breathing heavily and stepping on the ground with four hooves. The momentum was quite shocking. The left wing army stopped more than thirty feet away. "Work!" Yang Jiu shouted. Dozens of bulls were lined up with firecrackers tied to their tails, and behind each bull was a man with a torch. As soon as Yang Jiu gave the order, dozens of people lit firecrackers at the same time, and immediately the smoke filled the air, and the loud noise of "crackling" became one. This side Liancheng jade orders around: "Crossbow army is ready!" A few snowflakes fell behind the gate hill, and the stream below the hill was frozen. A roe deer came to the stream with two small roe deer. They used to drink here. In their memory, there had never been ice here. The roe deer licked the ice lightly, and his eyes flashed with confusion. He turned his head and saw a man in Tsing Yi standing nearby at an unknown time. He was so frightened that he squeaked, picked up the child and quickly jumped into the dead trees. The man in Tsing Yi hung his head, and soon he drew out his black sword and moved it gently on the ice, as if he were writing. Suddenly, a tiny crack appeared in the ice. The crack expands to the middle of the stream, becoming thicker and wider, like an invisible hand drawing a plum tree on the ice, and then the plum tree grows branches,push back racking system, and the branches open ice crystals like plum buds. There was a faint struggling sound in the depths of the ice, as if something was about to break through the ice. The man in Tsing Yi smiled imperceptibly at the corners of his mouth. His hands and feet did not move. His body receded a few feet away in an instant. He turned around leisurely, and his shadow disappeared between the pine and bamboo. Chapter 16 farce In ancient times, the State of Yan invaded Qi and attacked almost all the cities. General Tian Dan of Qi came up with the tactics of Fire Bull to defeat the Yan army and turn the tide. Tian Dan's heroic deeds are praised by countless historians of later generations. More than 1300 years later, the Tianshou Army reappeared in the ancient Fire Bull Array. Firecrackers were lit, dozens of bulls were frightened and angry at the same time, an old cattle shook its head vigorously, and two fishermen immediately flew several feet away. The bull was furious,teardrop pallet racking, but instead of charging forward, he rushed left and right, knocking over twenty or thirty people in a moment. Frightened, Yang Jiu shouted, "Drive the cow forward, forward.." Before he had finished speaking, a bull bowed its head and rushed to pick him up in the air and trampled him on the ground. Cow cry into the sky, wailing everywhere, Ma Xiaowei and others look dumbfounded. For a long time, he stammered: "Tell master, the left wing army was wiped out, Yang Xianfeng..." Yang Xianfeng seems to have died. After losing the first battle, Qing Changmian was as calm as before and said, "Then let the right wing March." "Yes, yes, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers," said Captain Ma. "March on the right!" Cried the man. In order to fight for territory, Luo Laoer and Yang Jiu have fought many times in the past six months. The rival Fire Bull failed in tactics, but was trampled to death by the mad bull. Luo Laoer gloated: "The famous Fire Bull Array actually killed itself. The man surnamed Yang can be called a human head and a pig brain.". This fellow relies on the strength broadsword to be quick, often refuses to obey to me, now should know wrong? Can't you compete with me for food anymore? As he thought about it, he was even more energetic. Luo Laoer raised his knife and shouted, "Boys, come with me!" The Cao Gang brothers shouted in unison, and the hundred men marched forward quickly, nearly half of them leading a dog tied to firecrackers. This is Xiao Dajun's second clever plan. Two days before the battle, the people put on black leather robes and fed meat to the dogs, so that they thought that all the people in the world who wore black armor had hidden meat. Before the battle, they wrapped slender special firecrackers around the dogs and lit them. If the dogs wanted to eat meat, they would naturally rush to the heavily armored Song army. When they arrived, firecrackers were lit and banged several times. They were afraid that they would not explode so that the sons of bitches would call their father and mother. The army then rushed to kill them, and there was no disadvantage. This plan is similar to the tactics of the Fire Bull, but it is far more vicious. It was Xiao Dajun himself who came up with it. When Luo Laoer was a child, he begged for food on the street and was bitten by many dogs. He especially hated the dogs who bullied others. This plan was even more successful for him. Who expected the fuse lit, but the dog did not rush to Song Jun, but around the Cao Gang, some fawning, some rolling on the ground, blindly pleasing the master. It turned out that the dog recognized people but not clothes, and the smell was so familiar that even if the group of people put on women's clothes in the brothel, the dog could still recognize them. Seeing that the lead was getting shorter and shorter, the crowd scattered to escape, and the dog thought it was playing, barking like a shadow. There were also a few easy ones who tried to step on the fuse, but these dogs were trained to be very flexible and jump around, but they were not allowed to do so. After a while, firecrackers were heard everywhere, mixed with the whine of dogs and the screams of people. The ground was stained with blood and flesh, and it was not clear whether it was dog blood or human blood. In addition, there were mad bulls galloping back and forth, sometimes stepping on people who had fallen to the ground. The two armies have not yet confronted each other, and the battlefield is like hell on earth. Luo Laoer led dozens of remnants of the army to rush back to the battle array and scolded, "Son of a bitch, Xiao Mingkong, what tricks he has up his sleeve? It doesn't work at all. When things come to an end, even people have disappeared.". Niang Xipi, she is simply the fine work of the officers and soldiers! Ma Xiaowei and others are also uncertain, some people think of Xiao Mingkong if crazy appearance, not regret, do not understand why they trust her so much, so desperate, set foot on the dark road of no return between the people and officials. "What's everyone's hurry?" He cried. "The strategist's plan doesn't work. We still have the impermanence of youth." More than a hundred eyes were focused on Qing Changmian for a moment, only to hear her say slowly,heavy duty metal racking, "You don't have to panic. When the enemy advances, Mr. Qin and I will take the lead and catch their leader, and then we can win without a fight." 。 kingmoreracking.com