Act like a spoiled child with Bo Shao

  • Old Mrs. Bo had a panoramic view of Lu Weihua's expression. She slowly raised her hand and patted Lu Weihua. Everything was in silence. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Mody, continue 4 more today! Chapter 208 at one go (2 more). Lu Shaonian was frustrated, and Song Cheng saw it in his eyes. Seeing Lu Shaonian walking toward him with an evil smile at the corners of his mouth, Song Cheng handed the goblet in front of him to Lu Shaonian and said, "Normal." He himself was often frustrated in the hands of Bo Jinnan. So Nothing wrong with it. But looking at Lu Shaonian's mood is not bad, should be persistent efforts, used to. Uh Lu Shao-nien reluctantly answered. Looking at Song Cheng's indifferent handsome face, he raised his eyebrows and said, "I heard that the Song family is also urging marriage recently." Song Cheng: ".." Lu Shaonian's little appearance of gossip is really unlikable. Song Cheng's eyes deepened, and he neither denied nor admitted it. Lu Shaonian raised his hand and patted Song Cheng on the shoulder in all earnestness, and then said, "My father has just agreed with me to chase Luo Huan." Lu Shaonian's words are both arrogant and annoying. Uh "Song Cheng, I'm marrying a matchmaker in the Ming Dynasty. In this way, I have a lot of priority over Jin Nan." This thin old lady has not yet agreed,push back racking system, this Jiang Heqin and Luo Huan against the dry, in contrast, Lu Shaonian heart is really a lot better. Song Cheng pulled his lips, where on earth did Lu Shaonian get his confidence? Song Cheng narrowed his eyes and saw Lu Shaonian continue to raise his hand and pat himself on the shoulder, smiling. Song Cheng, you have to work harder on personal issues. Song Cheng suddenly had an illusion that Lu Shaonian was no longer a single dog. Obviously still a single dog,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, how to simply open the gap between oneself and oneself? Song Cheng was a little puzzled. Uh Song Cheng narrowed his eyes and said meaningfully, "If you want to catch up with Luo Huan, the first thing you have to take down is Tangtang. But why do I think that Jin Nan is ahead of you?" Lu Shaonian's good mood was destroyed by Song Cheng in an instant. Their failure is on the issue of human resources, which is also the problem they want to sum up profoundly. Although Song Cheng was quiet, he often hit the nail on the head. Lu Shaonian answered in a muffled voice, so that Song Cheng could not help but raise his lips, indifferent handsome face suddenly more smiling, let people look at some do not adapt. Once the flower of Kaolin smiles, it really becomes a fascinating evil spirit. Lu Shaonian suddenly had some sudden ideas. Song Cheng. You said you were cold and indifferent, and you didn't touch any women. Do you think one good day on the road, Automated warehouse systems ,pallet rack shelving, a little turnip head suddenly appeared and called you Daddy? Song Cheng knew that Lu Shaonian was teasing himself and lightly raised his lips, but with a smile, the smile on his lips congealed. Over the years, the only woman I've ever touched is the one with a bit of beauty and a bit of cowardice. Pregnant? Heh. It shouldn't be possible. However, it seems that the relevant measures are really not in place. When Lu Shao-nien saw Song Cheng's somewhat absent appearance, he instantly felt as if he had reached the point of gossip. Shit, Song Cheng, are you already. Already Is it not pure? "No comment." Song Cheng did not want to talk to Lu Shaonian and walked away directly. Lu Shaonian: "…" This Song Cheng. Really stuffy gourd ah, perhaps there is a big secret in the bottom of my heart, but also refused to say anything. No, I must find a way to get more secrets out of his mouth. It was late at night, and Luo Huan, sitting in the back seat, yawned a little tired. Tangtang is still a little excited. Mommy, I think Sorghum's villa is much more beautiful than Grandpa's. Luo Huan said, Repulse Bay is a place where only the top rich people in Jincheng can live. As for Bo Jinnan, he lives in the top of the top. So Of course it's beautiful. How can Lu's villa be compared with Bo Jinnan's villa in Repulse Bay? Uh Luo Huan hooked his lips and tidied up the broken hair in front of Tangtang's forehead. There is a lot of delicious food at home, and the housekeeper's grandfather is very friendly to me. "Uh-huh.". ” Luo Huan listened very patiently, and when he was halfway through the journey, he found that the direction of Bo Jinnan's driving was not Bo's, but his own home. Luo Huan sat up straight at once. Bo Zong, aren't you going to Bo Shi? "Today is my birthday, and I suddenly want to have a holiday." Bo Jinnan opened his mouth lightly, but his ink eyes stared at Luo Huan's little face through the rearview mirror. Luo Huan: … … Luo Huan eyes slightly a meal, vaguely feel that Bo Jinnan went to the company is a cover, is to take the opportunity to send themselves and sugar home. Bo Zong, your tricks are getting more and more boring. "Really?" Bo Jinnan asked a rhetorical question, which once again made Luo Huan speechless. It doesn't make sense to reason with men. Sorghum, you are so friendly and gentlemanly to send me and Mommy home. Tangtang gave another burst of heartfelt flattery to Bo Jinnan. Luo Huan: … … This little girl is really hopeless. For Tangtang's friendly flattery from the bottom of his heart, Bo Jinnan was satisfied with his lips and deep eyes. Yes, opportunities should always be firmly grasped in their own hands, and should not be used by others. Luo Huan: … … Luo Huan felt that Bo Jinnan's words meant something and were very unfriendly. Luo Huan is a little annoyed, the car has been Bo Jinnan directly parked in the underground garage, familiar with the road. Bo Jinnan even stopped the fire and opened the door of the back seat directly for Luo Huan and Tangtang Gentleman. Arrive The Duke immediately ran out of the car and exchanged around Bo Jinnan. As soon as Luo Huan got out of the car,shuttle rack system, he saw that Bo Jinnan had already taken the initiative to hold Tangtang in his arms. Bo Zong.. "It's a little far from here to the elevator." Luo Huan: … … Uh The man's words can not find a loophole, just he also needs to hold the green diamond sent by the thin old lady, so there is no way to hold sugar.