heart was split again in an instant

  • The heart was split again in an instant. Her intuition told her that she should go and go quickly. But in the end, the pace slowed down. In front of the artificial lake not far from the banquet hall of Yingchuan Wangfu. Several people stopped, you look at me, I look at you, the atmosphere is slightly dignified. Wei Er-niang pretended to be relaxed and shrugged her shoulders and said with a smile, "Ah Xiu, Ah Ying, don't look at me like that. It's going to be yuan Day soon. You should be happy." "Yes, the day of the yuan Dynasty is coming soon." Aunt Cui had a big heart and immediately showed two deep dimples. Fan Sanniang shook her head and sighed helplessly. "Speaking of which, it's almost midnight." Wei Er-niang glanced at the sky. As if in response to her, not far away suddenly sounded a burst of gongs and drums, someone shouted at the top of his voice, "It's time." Then the sound of drums began to play. Dozens of Yingchuan Wangfu slaves, holding the brazier, walked uniformly from the gate to the direction of the banquet hall. And the cremation of people sitting in the banquet hall, also have to stand up, the wide sleeve cage in the back, seriously look at the dark sky. Chinese New Year's Eve from, yuan Day to. It's a new year. Wei Erniang looked at the brazier with a long dragon, which was the New Year custom of Yingchuan,lamella tube, meaning that the people, like flames, were flourishing in the new year, illuminating the world. In front of the banquet hall. Yingchuan Wang stood in the center of the crowd and made an impassioned speech. Aunt Wei did not know when to repair her makeup and skirt, and stood beside him with a smile, a graceful and graceful posture. Does she still have the face to come out? Aunt Cui was puzzled. "So many things happened just now. Her plot was exposed so thoroughly. How could she still have the face to stand in front of the crowd?" "Because she is Princess Yingchuan." Fan Sanniang said faintly, "As long as the King of Yingchuan remains unchanged,fine bubble diffuser, she will always have her status." Even if the reputation stinks, even if the public disdains. None of this will ever hurt her. Perhaps she was miserable and miserable just now, but it was all because of her jealousy. As long as she wants to open up, she is still the high princess of Yingchuan. All three girls were silent. If the result is so, then Wei Er-niang's stratagem, Wei Er-niang's counterattack, what is it? She could never do any real harm to Aunt Wei, but when Aunt Wei raised her hand, she could destroy her. There was a crackling sound of burning in my ears, and in the distance there was the impassioned speech of the King of Yingchuan. The artificial lakeside is quiet and suffocating. For a long time, Aunt Cui complained, "If I had known this, I shouldn't have pushed Aunt Wei to be the Princess of Yingchuan." When the words fell, she covered her mouth in surprise and looked around with a guilty look on her face. Is that you? Wei Erniang was a little surprised. She knew that Qiu Ci was looking for Xiao Jinsheng to complain, Mechanical fine screen ,disc air diffuser, but she didn't expect that he would push Aunt Wei in the end. Her mind was very complicated. It is reasonable to say that Xiao Jinsheng also let Aunt Wei become Princess Yingchuan in order to help her vent her anger. But as a result, Aunt Wei relied on her status to keep bullying and calculating her, which made her very difficult. Now I've dodged it twice. What about after that? What about the future? Apart from finding a husband to marry, she could not think of any other way to avoid Aunt Wei's calculation. Yes, it's me. Xiao Jinsheng answered in a low voice and did not speak. Aunt Cui looked left and right, as if no one had blamed her for accidentally spilling the beans. So she put her heart down and snickered, "Since there is such a cause and effect, you have to be responsible for Ah Ran. You can't let her be a concubine calculated by the princess.". In my opinion, if you marry Ah Ran. Princess Yingchuan, the wife of Xiao in Lanling, did not dare to bully her casually. Wei Er-niang's face turned red, but her heart was somewhat ironed. Aunt Cui was really on the same wavelength with her. Just now she just thought a little, and Aunt Cui said it for her. Then he.. She turned her head shyly and glanced at his face out of the corner of her eye. But unexpectedly saw the seriousness of Xiao Jinsheng's face. You can rest assured. He whispered, "Since I can push her to be the princess of Yingchuan, I think I won't let her persecute you all the time." The meaning of this is that Aunt Wei seems to be too busy to take care of herself. Can hear in the ears of Wei Er-niang, but like the roar of thunder, to her face a white. Yes, yes. Aunt Wei was too busy to take care of herself, so she would not harm her any more, and then she would not need to rush to find a husband to marry. And he didn't have to marry her. A smart girl is quick in thinking, and she thinks a lot. Aunt Cui was still happy for them, but Wei Er-niang's lips trembled. Is this a refusal. He just took her veil and refused to marry her. This Lang Jun's heart is like a needle under the sea, which is hard to figure out. "Well, well, without the princess's calculation, Ah Ran's life will be better." Aunt Cui clapped her hands happily. Fan Sanniang hurriedly grabbed her sleeve and pulled her hard in the direction of the banquet hall. Hey, what's wrong? What's wrong? Far away, I heard the voice of Fan Sanniang explaining to her, followed by Aunt Cui's discontented mutter, "Jinsheng, this person is really hard to see through.." The drumming had stopped, and all the people standing outside went back to the banquet hall. Only the orange-red flame is still flying freely in the basin. But how long can they burn? They will die sooner or later in this dark and cold winter night. Just like Wei Erniang's heart. By the artificial lake, a husband and a girl stood in a daze, silent and gloomy. For a long time, the girl bowed slightly, said a blessing, and turned away. Lang Jun stretched out his hand slightly, as if to grab her sleeve, but in the end he only grabbed nothingness. The author has something to say: Really, don't hit me. Except for cookies, normal relationships have their ups and downs. Chapter 43 When Wei Erniang returned to the banquet hall, Mrs. Wei and Wei Gong were already seated. Seeing her, Wei Gong let out a cold hum from his nose and ignored her. "But Mrs. Wei's cheeks were flushed, and two lines of tears slowly flowed out." Ran. She went to catch Wei Er-niang's hand,Wall Penstocks, but it was empty. The girl folded her hands in front of her body, her face was calm, and her eyes were full of alienation. khnwatertreatment.com