him and trotted up to Wang.

  • Shi Aiguo let go of him and trotted up to Wang. He knelt down with a splash and began to slap his mouth, shouting, "Empress, it's all the old slave's fault. The old slave just knocked down the screen carelessly. Please punish the empress!" He took the responsibility on himself. He seemed to have a sense of responsibility and had the courage to take responsibility. In fact, this was the best way to get away with it. The anger that might have been vented on his head would not burn on his head. It will make others feel that it has nothing to do with you. Why do you take the initiative to take the blame for others? Sure enough, Wang said, "I have seen what happened just now. It has nothing to do with you. You don't have to blame yourself for being patriotic." Waving to Shi Aiguo, she looked at Xiao Shi! Xiao Shi to her. Also not necessarily have much respect, in the heart originally has the gas, sees Wang Shi, has the gas to become more gas! "Sister, what are you doing here?" She cried? Help me up quickly, I want to give my sister a gift! As he spoke, he tried to get up from the bed, but in any case, he "couldn't stand up" and kept shouting, "Oh, but he never moved!"! Wang Shi walked slowly to come over, the heart thinks: "You can install, can't I install?" Women are much better than men when they play with insincerity. Instead of saying anything to stop her, she told Xiao not to get up. Instead, she looked at Wang Ping'an and said angrily,Belt Filter Press, "Who are you? How dare you break into the harem? What crime should you commit?" Who is Wang Ping'an? As long as she thought about it, she could understand that this was the most favored minister in front of the prince, and that he was also very favored in front of the emperor. All the ministers in the court liked him. Although the prince did not introduce Wang Ping'an to her, but the palace maids under her, but all know Wang Ping'an, also long ago she said! Therefore, Wang waited, as long as Wang Ping said his name "with great trepidation",Lamella Plate Settler, she would immediately say: "Hey, are you also surnamed Wang?" This relationship has gone to the next level. During this period of time, Xiao had to "struggle" to get out of bed and give her a gift! Wang Pingan had just been angry and was unhappy. He was the one who had been wronged. Why should he be guilty? He said, "I didn't break into the palace. It was the prince who went to the palace to see Xiao Liangdi.." If Wang had not asked him what crime he should commit, he would certainly not have answered like this. Normal people's thinking, must be behind the words as the key point, to explain why they are not guilty, it is impossible to report home first, let others know who they are, who is so stupid! Wang Shi is stupefied, the heart thinks: "If I ask who he is only good! If I ask who he is only!" Xiao was still performing over there. Oh, oh, she kept shouting. She screamed, "Oh, my waist and the baby in my stomach kicked me. The little feet of the emperor's grandson are really strong!" At this time, do not forget the table table work. We are pregnant with the emperor's grandson, Rotating sludge scraper ,filter nozzle, much better than you, you are not pregnant with anything! The ladies of the court hurried forward to help her, and their mouths were in a mess. Wang's face is very unhappy, at this time to pretend not to see, Xiao's cry is almost more than the hen laying eggs! She turned her face and said, "Oh, sister, what's the matter with you? Lie down quickly and don't move. Don't be polite.". Our own sisters, there is no need for such trouble! As he spoke, he walked up to Xiao Shi and reached out to hold her down, but there was an impulse in his heart that he really wanted to punch Xiao Shi in the stomach and make her perky. If he didn't kneel down when he saw him, he simply needed to be beaten! Wang thought ruthlessly in his heart, but his face was full of anxiety and concern, patting Xiao's hand and asking questions. Repeatedly let her lie down, don't flash the waist, move the tire gas! Xiao Shi took advantage of the situation and lay down again. He thought to himself, "Hum, I want to see you. Let's talk about it later. Maybe the prince will abolish you and I'll be the crown princess. We're going to have a grandson!" Wang Ping stood aside, looking at Li Zhi's big and small wife, playing with hypocrisy. The heart is impatient. He glanced at Shi Aiguo and pointed to the door, meaning that he wanted to leave. Shi Aiguo hurriedly shook his head at him. Even if he wanted to go again, he had to wait for the Crown Princess to speak. She didn't speak. If you left, it was estimated that she would have to get angry and call someone to pull your clothes! Wang Ping'an had no choice but to wait aside and tidy up his clothes and hair! Xiao's little ladies of honor, standing on the left side of the inner room, were very excited with a red tide on their faces. They had just wiped a lot of oil from the young husband of the Wang family. The young husband's buttocks felt really good, and he wanted to pinch them again! Crown Princess Wang's ladies, standing on the right side of the inner room, were looking forward to it and wanted to be excited. Everyone is a maid of honor, who is thinking what, everyone is very clear, a look at the opposite sister that kind of satisfied, but not very satisfied, they know, this little man in purple robe, very good, very good, very cute! Wang Pingan tidied up his hair and looked down on the ground. His hat had just fallen off, as if it had fallen on the screen. As soon as he lowered his head, the ladies standing on both sides immediately followed his eyes and looked at the screen! "Little Lang Jun, are you looking for a hat?" Asked a maid of honor. Wang Ping'an has not yet answered. I saw several little ladies of the court rushing to the screen that fell to the ground to grab his hat! As soon as there was movement here, Wang Shi and Xiao Shi looked over together. When they saw the ladies, they were "shameless" and scrambled to please Wang Ping'an. They couldn't help being angry in their hearts! "You're so presumptuous," Xiao shouted. "You're so chattering. How can you be so decent?" As soon as she drank like this, the little maids in her palace were naturally obedient and retreated one after another, but who could care about the maids brought by Wang! A maid of honor picked up the hat on the screen, flicked the dust on it, and handed it to Wang Ping'an with a smile. "What's your name, young man?" She asked. Wang Ping'an sighed in his heart. The women in the palace are really different from those outside. I am wearing purple official clothes. I am a high official. Do you talk to me like this? But on second thought, what's wrong with talking to me like this? They're still pinching me! One hand took the hat,multi disc screw press, one side can not help to rub the buttocks, was pinched really cry pain ah, will not be pinched purple!. khnwatertreatment.com