Stock Market And Stock Trading: March 2021

  • Anyone who wakes up each morning, looking for a problem, unconsciously seeks negative affirmation. Although you might think differently looking at the graph, I'd argue that JP Morgan is a long term TSLA investor, just not a very smart one. As you can see, Baillie Gifford has been invested in TSLA since mid-2014. But that doesn’t mean they can offer 100% accuracy. Most of the boutiques near me brokers offer discounts on trading and growing income. When I first saw the name, I assumed this fund focuses on companies that offer insurance, and that TSLA was in it because it's launched its own insurance business. Nothing new here. Vanguard is another long term TSLA investor that has basically never reduced its position size, and has continued to accumulate over time. However, it appears to just be the name, and its holdings have nothing to do with insurance. I would think investors prefer gridlock, like we have now.


    Our borders are still mostly closed even though there's some good news now that our borders are starting to reopen to revive the tourism, hospitality and aviation sector. LED tickers are more attractive and eye catching. Although State Street Corp doesn't have quite as large a stake in TSLA as the likes of Baillie Gifford and Capital World Investors, its conviction appears to be just as strong, because it has continuously added more shares, and rarely reduced its stake in the company. Similar to Baillie, CWI is a long term TSLA investor. Susquehanna is most definitely not a buy and hold investor. Price Elasticity: Zero. The only reasons for index funds to buy and sell TSLA is people buying into / selling out of the fund, and TSLA being added to / removed from an index. It looks like this mutual fund held TSLA at least as early as 2018. Combined with the fact that Vanguard is one of TSLA's biggest investors, I think it's safe to say this fund will continue to hold for the foreseeable future.


    As such, it will be a good time to do some review and reflections for my investments in 2019 and prepare to tackle the markets again in 2020. Happy Holidays! The stock back last month rose after some good news, from 0.75 to 1.03 was also propelled by good results and some dividends issued. Amazon (AMZN) - Shares of AMZN climbed back above $1,000.. I added 25 shares to my existing position at $16.55 per share. I haven't been able to find out when this fund added TSLA to its portfolio, but with Vanguard being TSLA's 4th largest investor, I'd imagine it's going to keep TSLA in most of its funds for the foreseeable future. Larry Ellison disclosed a large TSLA position at the end of 2018. He seems to have reduced his position by 50% some time in 2019, but he added a very small amount of shares during the most recent public offering.