Application analysis of 30bbl brite tanks manufacturer

  • 30bbl brite tanks manufacturer consists of lid, barrel body, jacket, agitator, shaft seal drive and support, etc. The tank body and components in contact with the material in the tank are made of stainless acid-resistant steel plates.

    30bbl brite tanks manufacturer usually choose high quality stainless steel materials such as 304 and 316L, which comply with GMP standard. The equipment is mainly composed of three parts: tank body, jacket and mixing system. The mixing form is multi-frame mixing, the seal is sanitary mechanical seal, and the interface is ISO standard quick-fitting clamp type. The inner surface is polished by mirror, and the outer surface is treated by sandblasting, frosting and cold rolling. 30bbl brite tanks manufacturers are widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food and other fields.

    30bbl brite tanks manufacturer Advantages:

    1. Excellent mechanical properties: Due to the strong mechanical properties of stainless steel, the reactor made of it can withstand higher working pressure and deformation, so it can withstand a larger volume of solid materials.

    2. Excellent processing performance: The processing performance of 316L stainless steel is very good, and it can be processed into different shapes and structures according to the actual process requirements.

    3. High temperature resistance: 316L reactor needs to face different high temperature environments, in general chemical and physical reactions, the temperature is as high as 600 degrees Celsius. In high temperature environment, stainless steel material can still be used normally.

    4. Strong corrosion resistance: stainless steel material itself contains chromium, nickel and other elements, has good corrosion resistance, is made into a reactor can still maintain good corrosion resistance.

    30bbl brite tanks manufacturer