Structural analysis and application of stacked

  • Stacked horizontal brite tanks are used to store gas. There are many types of stacked horizontal brite tanks that can stabilize pressure. Different gas storage tanks also have different structures, the general use of gas storage tanks are alloy stacked horizontal brite tanks, carbon steel stacked horizontal brite tanks. Today, let's introduce the stacked horizontal brite tanks structure application.

    The structure of the gas storage tank used for storing different gases is also different. The gas storage tanks we often see are mainly used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries. The structure of the container is generally divided into three categories: dry stacked horizontal brite tanks, high pressure stacked horizontal brite tanks and wet stacked horizontal brite tanks.

    The cylinder body of the dry gas storage tank is generally upright, and the piston is installed inside, and the piston will rise and fall with the size of the gas storage capacity. The sealing structure will be installed around the piston to prevent the gas from spilling out during storage. The middle block is placed on the top of the piston to obtain the required gas storage pressure. Use dry stacked horizontal brite tanks with high quality seals, oil seals, etc.

    stacked horizontal brite tanks with high pressure are spherical or cylindrical in structure. The use of spherical tanks is mainly due to uniform force and small amount of consumables. It is difficult to make spherical tanks in processing and welding. In order to make the strength of the seal equal to the pressure in the tank, the two ends are made into hemispherical and elliptical heads when making.

    The result of the wet gas storage tank is generally that there will be a sink below, and there are many steel plates welded into the sleeve of the tower node that can be lifted in the upper part, the tower node will change with the size of the gas storage, and there will be a water seal between the tower nodes, which can enable the tower node to be connected and sealed.

    stacked horizontal brite tanks