Blackout Curtains: A Guide to Its Astonishing History

  •   Blackout curtains provide a peaceful ambience to any home. These are ideal for creating the perfect mood for a relaxing room, and a home theatre, among others. Whether you work late nights, live on a busy street, have a fussy baby, or love watching movies, you are sure to reap the benefits of investing in high-quality, functional, and stylish blackout curtains.

      While Blackout Curtain Fabrics are used today for various reasons, they carry an interesting history.

      Blackout materials were used to hide cities

      Area-wide blackouts were enforced in various major cities in northern Europe during the nighttime air raids. To address this concern, allied leaders thought that bomber planes would have a difficult time seeing and locating their targets if the cities removed any trace of artificial light.

      In 1939, Britain enforced mandatory blackout regulations due to the threat of nighttime air raids. Residents were required to cover all their windows and doors at night to prevent enemy pilots from seeing even a glimmer of light from their homes.

      The government provided this material for every household, and they were made affordable and accessible. Usually, black cotton fabric was used, but two or three layers of fabric were also utilised to ensure that no light would be seen from the windows and doors.

      Mandatory blackouts brought troubles to the residents

      The regulated blackouts were stressful and dangerous to many residents. Covering and uncovering windows and doors turned into a time-consuming and tiresome task for many. While residents with wooden window frames could easily tack up their blackout curtains, those with stone or metal frames require accomplishing a more challenging task when covering their windows.

      Lights throughout the city had to be covered, and these include car headlights and stoplights. This resulted in many road accidents, injuries, and petty crimes.

      Blackout materials were deemed important

      The initial usage of blackout materials during wartime holds bitter memories. However, in spite of the danger and trouble brought by the mandatory blackouts, residents appreciated the importance of these curtains. Since these curtains are effective in keeping light from entering and escaping the room, the homeowners enjoyed the complete privacy and security that they provided.

      Blackout materials were modernised

      At present, many blackout curtains are made from dark cotton with ultra-tight weave textiles that keep out 99.9% of light. The fibres were then woven between two layers of coloured fabric to hide the material.

      Modern curtains come in different colours and styles

      To attain your ideal look for your home while enjoying the peace and quiet offered by a darkened room, you are free to choose the colour and style of blackout curtains that is perfect for your preference. At the moment, cellular shade is the most popular option for curtains. This keeps out heat, light, and UV rays, as well as reduces sound by offering insulation against outside noise.

      In addition, you can also order standard window treatments with blackout liners to create a stylish look for your home with room darkening capabilities. These liners also can be permanently attached or independently moved for adjustable light control.


      The history of blackout curtains is surprisingly dark and unusual. While they were initially used by European residents during troubling times, these curtains helped save countless lives in wartime. Today, the benefits they offer are continuously being enjoyed by homeowners.

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