How To Choose Inexpensive Cheap Sheer Curtain Fabric?

  •   Choosing the right window treatments, especially in a bedroom, is really important, because they need to be very functional but also look great and complement the overall room design. I really like using curtains or drapes in a bedroom, because they can filter or block out light, add a lot of softness, and they can help you achieve your desired aesthetic for the room. In my bright and airy guest bedroom for week 4 of the One Room Challenge I wanted curtains that would look breezy and still let in a lot of light.

      Therefore, I chose to go with white or slightly off-white curtains. They are thin enough to let in light, but not too sheer so they still offer privacy. The material is lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy. There is a slight pattern on the Cheap Sheer Curtain Fabric so even though they are very inexpensive curtains they don’t look cheap. These curtains are from Ikea. We can’t exclude Ikea when it comes to a budget room right?

      Shopping For Inexpensive Curtains

      When shopping for inexpensive curtains it’s really important to consider the material, because they can easily end up looking cheap. I tend to stay away from sheers, anything with shine or shimmer, or anything that looks too synthetic or is made from all synthetic material. Instead I’ve had success with linen, cotton and cotton blends, and velvets. My general rule of thumb for choosing fabrics to suit your room’s aesthetic is the heavier, thicker, and sturdier the fabric, the more formal or dramatic the look. The lighter weight fabrics are going to be more casual and airy. Some inexpensive patterned or printed curtains can be beautiful, but some can also read as cheap. If you’re not comfortable choosing a patterned or printed curtain for your space stick with solids or one or two toned patterns.

      Shopping For Inexpensive Curtain Hardware

      We also have to get the hardware to hang the curtains from. This usually consists of a curtain rod and brackets and sometimes rings to hang the panels from. Together, dressing just one window with hardware and two curtain panels can end up being hundreds of dollars! Sometimes we may also need an additional shade such as a roller shade or roman shade to provide additional privacy or block out light which could be a few hundred more! When choosing affordable curtain hardware pay attention to the colors and finish. White tends to look cheap or like plastic (like it looks like Ikea). Golds and bronzes could also look cheap depending on how well the finish is done. If you can’t see it in person and you’re shopping online then I suggest sticking to silver finishes or black. Select ones that look more like metal and less like plastic.

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